Salamat - the Dawn

August 1, 2009

I turned the TV on, went straight to CNN and heard news about the death of Cory. I felt sad the whole day through. I turned the TV in the kitchen and while cooking for breakfast, I was listening to the tribute to the late President. I can't help but cry.

I shed tears because the images and footage they show on TV were all about the EDSA Revolution. The bloodless revolution that my country is proud of and which other countries followed suit. I cried because after the victory from Marcos, which I thought was a big victory for my country, I am again confronted with yet another loss.

Her memory and "herstory" just kept playing on the screen.

Where had she gone? What else can we do to this country? The icon of democracry bade us goodbye... It's like a family losing a mother... it's like a ship, stripped off of its captain.

I had goosebumps each time I see the footage of EDSA Revolution. I said it took Ninoy to be assassinated in order for us to achieve freedom... and I am wishing that the demise of the former President Cory would make us, as a nation, regain our unity, and for the present politicians to go back to their senses and practice morality, discover their sanity.

It's a long struggle for power over there. The people are just being played around with. They are learned people, honored politicians and wise people. I told myself, I'd rather be ignorant and be playing my part well than to be learned but out of focus. But this is me... I am here, studying law at the same time figuring out how to be more effective in helping my fellow.

Ahh... this is such a loss for me. This is a truly sad day for me, the rest of the Filipino people and the world.

With this, I would like to say, Salamat Cory!

Here is the song by the Dawn:

Salamat - The Dawn

The lyrics and my own translation:
Salamat, tayo'y magkasamang muli (Thank you, we're together again)
Salamat at may gabing nakalaan sa kaunting kasiyahan (Thanks for the nights reserved for a moment of happiness)
Salamat at tayo'y nagkasamang muli (Thank you that we're joined again)
Salamat at sa pagpawi ng uhaw ay may darating na araw (Thanks that in quenching the thirst, another day will come)

Kay tamis ng ating samahan sa lungkot at kaligayahan (How sweet is our companionship, in sadness and in happiness)
Tunay na kaibigan, kasamang maaasahan (True friend, I can always depend on)
Salamat at tayo'y may pinagsamahan (Thank you that we have been together)
Salamat, tunay kong kaibigan (Thank you my true friend)

Salamat (salamat) at tayo'y may pinagsamahan (Thanks that we are brought together again)
Salamat, kaibigang walang kapantay (Thank you my unequalled friend)

Salamat sa 'yo, kaibigan ko (Thanks to you, my friend)
Salamat sa 'yo, salamat sa 'yo (Thank you, thank you)

I interchanged Thanks and Thank you as a translation for the word "Salamat" because in the context of the song, it really says thank you like "thank you my friend", and "thanks or thank goodness that we were brought together". The song writer really meant "thanks" not to "you" but to others.

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  1. mstilit Says:

    I am astill searching for the name of the composer of Salamat.. I asked Carlos Balcells and he said they helped in creating it so... it is a band creation but I still want to get a story behind it.

    I have an academic paper about The Dawn... would you like to be part of my prer-conference discussion? Please message me here...

  2. mstilit Says:

    Please comment on my blog too...

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