YouTube - Friends -- LIVE -- Michael W. Smith [With Lyrics/Subtitles]

YouTube - Friends -- LIVE -- Michael W. Smith [With Lyrics/Subtitles]

Remembering by High School friends and of course my kuya who introduced me to this song for almost 2 decades ago. You're birthday is fast approaching and where should we celebrate it this time?

Pizza will do....

Anyway, I just love my family and despite all the differences and troubles, we keep the love strong!

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Giddy Up (Little Girl) - 2 in a Room

A lot of 90s songs are still played on air these days. One of these is the titled entry by 2 in a Room group, the same band who gave us the song Wiggle It.

Try listening to the original version and the extended one, you will surely couldn't stop your feet from moving to its beat! I remember a day at school while cramming for all the cases I need to get done within the day. Almost every night (at lawschool), some teen agers, who were mostly coming out from their lecture rooms, would gather around an area near our classrooms. They would always play their music players in a loud sound and do their steps.

They played this particular song, which sounded so techy to me, like the kind of music they ordinarily do these days. The upbeat was so cool and watching those kids with their dance moves definitely brought me to another space, so to speak. I came to know who the artist was and I realized they are the artists from the past. Come to think of it, those kids might have been around 5 years old during the 90s and they somewhat got themselves engrossed to such a music. We all know that there are a lot of dance music out there and coming across 90s song in their playlist is one in a million.

I always love seeing kids dancing, regardless of their choice of music. Too bad I cannot watch them for long since our classes normally start by the time I have warmed up my seat to such a wonderful view. I still have their moves in my mind right now, as I again, deal with yet another set of cases to be read.

here is the link to the extended version of the song posted in Youtube

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