I Think I'm In Love - Lea Salonga

February - Love is in the air, as they say!

When I think about love, I think about music. I thought about this song and my aunt who used to sing this a lot. This is one her favorites. She is my best example of how a lady would look like when she's in love. She is the prettiest aunt I've known. She was a little younger back then. She is now in the US, and been staying there for more than 20 years already. I thought she was my favorite aunt, and looking back, she was indeed my favorite aunt. Sadly, I wasn't able to say this to her in person. So I'm saying it now, in case she could still read my blog.

I really like it when she sings and she really sang so "heavenly". When she gets to the lyrics that says: "I think I'm in love with you..." I could see her smiling. Her smile is very contagious! I could still see her smile until now and I can't help but smile back. "I can't get you out of my mind..."

I miss her... maybe I'll come visit her!

Listen to the song and sing with it. When you do, please don't forget to smile. Smile hard when you are really in love... laugh even. Otherwise, just pretend to smile ;-)

I Think Im In love - Lea Salonga

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