Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Here is a song for my number one advertising site: NUFFNANG what else?

My number one Nuffnang has officially announced summer is over and that, together with my ultimate and number one toothpaste brand, are cooking another blog-excitement that every blogger is waiting for.

I consider my Nuffnang first class so I branded it number one because it is a site where bloggers earn and interact at the same.  This is one of a kind thus giving you the feeling that in the midst of robotic responses that filled the virtual world called, it is nuffnang that gives life to our blogging and advertising experience.

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Nuffnang and Hapee together, that makes it double fun! When 2 first class collides, what we'll get is FUN!

You Are Number One lyrics by Whispers
Rainbows in the sky, ice tea in July
Watching shooting stars can be so much fun
But they don't mean a thing if you're not with me
You're a miracle, you're number one

You are number one
(You are my one and only one)
You are number one
(There will never be another you)

You are number one
(You and me, you and me belong together)
You are number one
(We'd meet, we'd meet each other)

We are living in a world
Spinnin' 'round from day to day
(Spinning around)
Inside the Milky Way
And if the world catches you off guard
And spins you off, I will bring you back

If I think of all the things that mean so much to me
The words don't mean as much as actions, actually

Rainbows in the sky, ice tea in July
[. From: .]
Watching shooting stars can be so much fun
But they don't mean a thing if you're not with me
You're a miracle, you are number one

You are number one
(My baby, well, well, well, well)
You are number one
(I wanna tell the world about my girl)

You are number one
(You're my number one, my only one)
You are number one

You are number one
(Happy, happy, happy as a baby)
You are number one
(I'm gonna stay with you, honey, till eternity)

(My world)
You are number one
(I'm so glad I found you, be my baby, yeah)
You are number one
(Hey guys, tell the world one more time, how I feel about my lady)

You are number one

Till next post folks!

Tell Him - Vinda Shepard from Ally McBeal

I miss that TV series Ally McBeal.  My long lost friend was just talking about it the other night and she told me how she lost her collection of Ally McBeal soundtrack during the great flood that affected Metro Manila in 2009.  I know how it feels to lose your most valued and treasured possessions.

Good thing, I still have my DVD collection of that TV series.  I collect lawyering-related movies or shows, you know.

This is the song that plays in the head of Ally McBeal and you will see her dancing, head banging and jumping like crazy.  I love it when Ally danced, not to mention the dancing baby.  One will think that they are the greatest dance crew on earth.

Well my friend told me that she was about to get married but decided against it in the nick of time. This song depicts that story when a woman tells the guy that he is everything she needs only to forget about this conviction later on.  I do not wonder why such things or phenomenon happen because such instances happen to guys most of the time.  He would promise you the moon and the stars but when a finger snaps, that promise disappears.  

Even the people destined to be somebody will, one point in their life, realizes that he or she cannot do it.  He or she will falter from commitment.  We have fears! This is our weakness, boys and girls.  This is even worst when the person you committed yourself with does not extend a hand and just let you go… he or she has likewise lost that commitment.

I believe that love is like health, we have to feed it everyday even if we feel like not eating or loving, love anyway, anyhow.
Tell him Lyrics:
Ally McBeal 

I know something about love. You've gotta want it bad
If that guy's got into your blood, go out and get him
If you want him to be the very part of you
That makes you want to breathe, here's the thing to do...

Tell him that you'll never gonna leave him
Tell him that you'll always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

I know something about love. You gotta show it and make him
See the moon up above. Reach out and get it
If you want him to make your heart sing out
And if you want him to only think of you...


Ever since the world began it's been that way
For man and woman were created to make love their destiny
Then why should true love be so complicated? Oh...

I know something about love. You gotta take it and
Show him what the world is made of, one kiss will prove it
If you want him to be always by your side
Take his hand tonight and swallow your foolish pride and..

The Past - Jed Madela

Another post from a reader / follower named Tosh.

The Past
Jed Madela

I like this song because whenever I hear this song, I remember the day when I met my FIRST GIRLFRIEND.. and it makes me whole when this music plays and I'm with my GIRLFRIEND.

I remember holding her hands, staring at it, memorizing each curve and feeling the softness of that hand.  I remember it so clearly. I remember how close we were, how special each moment that we spent together, each conversations we had, including our plans for the future.

It brings joy into my heart knowing that I found the love in the girl of my dreams.

This is the lyrics:
I was wrong when i hurt you
But did you have to hurt me too
Did you think revenge will make it better?
I don't care about the past
I just want our love to last
There's a way to bring us back together
[ Lyrics from: ]
I must forgive you
You must forgive me too
If we wanna try to put things back
The way they used to be
'cause there's no sense in going over and over
The same things as before
So let's not bring the past up anymore

Out of all the good we had
You only keep track of the bad
Though you knew i never really loved her
Didn't anyone tell you yet
That to forgive is to forget
How can you be mad if you don't remember

Repeat Chorus:
I must forgive you
And you must forgive me too
It's the only thing that's left
That we haven't try to do
One thing that i'm sure will work
That we haven't tried before
Let's not bring the past back anymore

Take Me Out of the Dark - Gary Valenciano

I am sharing with you a series of sharing from my readers sent via email.

Please read on.

     This is the song that I think best illustrates my life. Every line of the song was like a sketch drawn and patterned by God according to my life story (well, I’m not only the one here who admits to have the same story as this song). As a sixteen-year old individual, my life too was full of unwanted events and happenings like the one narrated in the song. Similar to the character in the song, I never expected to overcome all this mishaps and sorrows of my life, and like him, I also kept on wondering and asking myself how do I manage to control situations at the end of my day.

    Living a life with little money, well-budgeted by my good parents wasn't that easy for an average teenage boy like me. Surely, I know that greater than my grief are that of my parents and siblings. For my share, I see to it in performing my part at the household chores and getting high grades, or if not, getting a passing grade. But, like I said, I am also an average teenage boy; I too experienced to be happy, excited, nervous, ashamed, sad and burdened. Along with those emotions I’ve listed, going to where I am now was a very rocky way where I have hurt some persons along the way by doing them wrong or simply just ignore their presence in my life, which I believe is one of the many sins I have committed.

    If this paper be a list of my sins, then I think I should have some more extra sheets. I will no longer enumerate all my sins, not because I am afraid to be judged by others, but because I am not boastful in broadcasting the world that I have hurt GOD a million times through my actions. These instances when remembered also kept me from thanking GOD always and asking him to stray me from committing a sin. This made me become a better man and a better son not only to my parents but also to GOD.

TAKE ME OUT OF THE DARK MY LORD Artist: Gary Valenciano

Just what is it in me
Sometimes I just don't know
What keeps me in your love
Why you never let me go
And though you're in me now
I fall and hurt you still
My Lord, please show me how
To know just how you feel
You have forgiven me
Too many times, it seems
I feel I'm not what you might call
A worthy Christian after all
And though I love you so
Temptation find its way to me

Teach me to trust in you with all of my heart
To lean not on my own understanding
'Cause I just forget
You won't give me what I can't bear
Take me out of the dark, my Lord
I don't wanna be there

You've never left my side
You gave your hand to me
to hold you, Oh Jesus,
I'm no longer in the cold
And yet, I leave you there
When I feel satisfied
I'd like to thank you everyday
Not only when I feel that way
I've never known a man who'd give his life
For sinners like me
And yet because he loves us so
He's promised us eternity
And we can have that promise and be His
If we have faith and just believe

Teach us to trust in you with all of our heart
To lean not on our own understanding
'Cause we just forget
You won't give us what we can't bear
Take us out of the dark, my Lord
'Coz we don't wanna be alone
Take us out of the dark, my Lord
we don't wanna be there
my Lord

Reapeat Chorus
ooh, wooh 

Crowd Control - Phish Band

Here is a song from Phish.  It talks about crowd control which is the title of the song.  I remember a scenario where people are gathered during a political rally.  Those were the days when Filipino people grew tired of the Arroyo administration so there were political rallies left and right, especially in the National Capital Region commonly referred to as Manila.

If you are a television viewer from outside Manila, particularly here in the province and especially abroad (there are Filipinos around the world) and looking at the velvet rope together with the noisy crowd and chaotic flow of the traffic, for sure one will get worried. I remember a friend of mine, while watching a news about political rallies and barricades, called me and sounded so worried asking about our situation.  I just calmly said we are okay (since we are in the province) and there I realized that the media, especially those engaged in the public affairs, send so powerful message across the world that something is wrong here in the country.  

I do not blame them.  It is part of their job to inform other people about the chaos in our country but please bear in mind that political rallies are part of people's freedom of expression.  When the presidential palace places barricades around its territory, it is just protecting itself from trouble.  These political events in our country is not really new to me because I was exposed to such activism during my college days.  As students of State University, one cannot help but try to defend the country in whatever capacity you can.

Thank you for your time.

Lyrics of the song
CROWD Control - Phish
Listen now I'm talking
I've been here for weeks
Waiting in this growing crowd
Staring at my feet
The world around me's turning
I'm just standing still
The time has come for changes
Do something or I will

I'm a feather in a storm
I'm a raindrop in the sea
If I don't get enough of you
I'm a lighter shade of me

Sisters, brothers all around you
There's a devil in the crowd
Meet his eye and it's the end of time
If you're praying don't be loud

It's crowded in the lowland
But the fools stay on the hill
You control us now
You have the reins
Do something or we will

So show us why we came here
Before we lay on the ground
Give it to us loud and clear
Make the devil turn around

Tuldok - Asin

Another song translation for all of you. This is the 5th song from my favorite OPM band, the real, genuine, original OPM band I truly admire up until this day.

I was still a little kid when an uncle of mine introduced Asin songs. (Asin by the say means salt)

The story of the song is related to a blob, a dot, a period, just a peck of something, a nebula (remember the big bang theory.) In fact, the song mentioned about the sun, which is known as the center of the universe yet if we only take time to realize it, the sun, as big and as powerful as it is, is just a dot.

We, the human race, regardless of our economic, social or political status, have an equalizer and that, according to this song is our existence compared to a "dot"!

I have this co-worker who always brag about being a graduate of a private school well-known in our country.  Probably the oldest catholic school in this country.  I wonder why she has to do that not counting in mind that somebody else in the workplace came from the same university and probably finished a better course than hers.

I have a favorite phrase I picked up from my Philosophy teacher back in college: "All form, no substance!" Although I am not referring to her (my co-workers' treatment towards fellow workers who are undergraduate, not as rich as her or as beautiful as her or bright as her) but that is what I want to call her actuations and attitude.

Thanks for this song, I played while she is beside me... it's as if I had the time of my life right this moment. haha!

Below is my translation... Let me know if there may have been lapses.

(Period or dot or point)

Ang tuldok ay may salaysay at may kahulugan (A dot has importance and meaning)
Na dapat mapansin at maintindihan (Which should be noticed and understood)
Kahit sino ka man ay dapat malaman (Whoever you are you should know)
Na dito sa mundo ikaw ay tuldok lang (That in this world, you are only a dot)

Kahit na ang araw sa kalangitan (Even the sun in the heavens)
Siya ay tuldok lamang sa kalawakan (It is just a dot in the outer space)
Lahat ng bagay ay tuldok ang pinanggalingan (Everything originated from a dot)
At kung masdang mabuti, tuldok ang uuwian (And if you could realize, that's where we are heading)


Tingnan mong mabuti ang 'sang katauhan (Take a good look at humanity)
Maraming nag-aaway, tuldok lang ang dahilan (Many are fighting only because of a dot)
Sa aking nakita, ako'y natawa lang  (In what I've seen, I just laughed)
'Pagkat ang nangyayari'y malaking kahibangan (Coz what it happening is a big foolishness)

Kaya wala kang dapat na ipagmayabang (That's why you have no reason to boast)
Na ikaw ay mautak at maraming alam (That you are intelligent and all-knowing)
Dahil kung susuriin at ating iisipin (Coz if we are going to survey and think of it)
Katulad ng lahat, ikaw ay tuldok rin  (Like everyone else, you are just a dot)

Sound of Music - Theme from the movie the Sound of Music

I remember watching this movie in our old TV set when I was still in the grade school.  Remember those TV set with large wooden frame that goes with it? Its speakers are attached to the left and right of that black tube.  We had that kind of TV set - the kind that doesn't use remote controls yet.  One has to get near that gargantuan set, twist the channel selector then go back to your couch just to find another TV station with plenty of advertisements, you'd wish you never had to stand up from your seat again.

Let me search an image over google...

Ours looked like that one except that our old TV set was wider and there was a folding door in front of its screen... ahh those were the days. Days when our flat iron used charcoal in it. Vintage indeed!

Well, anyway, I am talking about this movie and its theme song because this is one of the movies my mom loved to watch.  I liked it too, and I'm still a fan of it because Julie Andrews looked like my mom. Unbelievable! 

Call me mom-fanatic and I'd be guilty as charged!

Mama, as our term of endearment, sings like Julie Andrews as well! She is so everything when it comes to entertaining people, her children and including herself.

I love it when she does that.  She does everything or anything that would make her children be happy and most especially, she has this unique way of entertaining herself most of the time.  Self-sufficient!

I remember the time I imitated that part of the movie where Maria, Julie Andrews, was singing the introduction of the song on top of the valley while spinning slowly... Mom had the laugh of her life because I was so trying hard getting the pitch of Maria.

I am sure you too have seen this movie and fell in love with it.  Please share some.

Thanks again! Till next entry!

Lyrics of the song
The Sound of Music

The hills are alive
With the sound of music
With songs they have sung
For a thousand years

The hills fill my heart
With the sound of music
My heart wants to sing ev'ry song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds 
That rise from the lake to the trees
My heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies
From a church on a breeze

To laugh like a brook when it trips and falls
Over stones on its way
To sing through the night
Like a lark who is learning to prey

I go to the hills
When my heart is lonely
I know I will hear
What I've heard before

My heart will be blessed
With the sound of music
And I'll sing once more

lyrics from

I Miss You - Klymaxx

Facebook is such a powerful site... it unearths old memories because you will find old friends there, even old enemies.  I consider everyone my friend and I have this presumption that they feel the same way too as soon as they accept your request to add them in your friend's list.

There are persons who are hard to find but you know you just have to give a try, everyday, even a couple of minutes in searching for them.  I am hoping I could find them somehow, in what ever social media there is today. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, NamesDB name it.

I keep searching because despite of the loss of other things especially photos that you have shared together, the mind, the greatest databank man has ever known, is still there to remind you how good or bad you have been.

Last night, I found this person that I have been looking for for sometime already.  The person I have been sending letters or greeting cards in the last known address saved in my mind.  All sent but no reply.

There is a feeling that they don't like you or still hate you or just completely deleted you in their memory.

So when I found this person in Facebook... there was shock, shame, guilt, sadness in me.  But looking at the photos of this person, you know that they are happy and the only thing that would make them sad is to remember you.  

The question now is... do you still push yourself into getting their attention or just leave them as happy as they are now?  If you choose the latter, where would the efforts of searching for them go?

May I ask for your opinion?

I Miss You - Klymaxx

Thought I heard your voice yesterday
Then I turned around to say that I loved you 
Then I realized that it was just my mind 
playing tricks on me....

It seems colder lately at night
and I try to sleep with the lights on
Everytime the phone rings
I pray to God it's you
I just can't believe
That we're through...

I miss you (I miss you...)
Theres no other way to say it
And I, I can't deny it.
I miss you (I miss you...)
It's so easy to see 
I miss you and me........

Is it done and over this time?
Can we ever change our minds?
But it's our first love...
all the feelings that we used to share...
I refuse to believe that you don't care.

I miss you (I miss you...)
There's no other way to say it
And I, I can't deny it.
I miss you (I miss you...)
It's so easy to see 
I miss you and me........

I've got to gather my senses together
I've been through worse kinds of weather
If it's over now (over now) 
be strong (be strong)
I can't believe that you're gone...
I've got to carry on.

I miss you (I miss you...)
It's driving me crazy
I don't want to live without you.
I miss you (I miss you...)
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me............ 

(Lyrics from

Mula sa Puso - Jude Michael

This is a very emotional song and for me, it is so special.  Imagine my joy when the title of the song was used as a title of a soap opera a few decades ago.  Yes, decades ago. You can search in google and you will find out that the soap opera, which was actually revived/recycled recently, was shown on TV decades ago.  I leave the researching with you, okay?

Here's a clue: the main character was Claudine Baretto who was still single back then, and Rico Yan (God bless his soul)... He was so adoring, really! I watched their movie "Got to Believe in Magic" after he died. But this blog is not about him.

This, of course, is about the song.

When we were in high school, there was a very handsome (according to the standards of my classmates) instructor. He sang this song in one of our school programs. He sang this song with all his heart and he did well.  Imagine the shouts and joy of the female students inside the hall where the program was held.

It was only then that I noticed he was really cute and handsome, add to that his golden voice.  He did not look like Rico Yan but definitely, I will remember his face when I mention the name Rico Yan and this lovely song.

Lyrics of the song MULA SA PUSO (From the Heart)
by Jude Michael

Bakit nga ba ang puso (Why is it that the heart)
Pag nagmamahal na (When it loves)
Ay sadyang nakapagtataka (is really mysterious)

Ang bawa't sandali (Every moment)
Lagi nang may ngiti (Always there's a smile)
Dahil langit ang nadarama (Because heaven is the feeling)

Para bang ang lahat ay walang hangganan (Like everything has no ending)
Dahil sa tamis na nararanasan (Because of the sweetness being experienced)
Kung mula sa puso ay tunay ngang ganyan (If it's from the heart then that's genuine)
Nais ko'y ikaw ang laging yakap-yakap (I want to always hug you)
Yakap na sana'y walang wakas (Hug which I hope is never ending)
Sana'y laging ako ang iniisip mo (I wish you think of me)
Sa maghapon at sa magdamag (the whole day and night)
Init ng pag-ibig ating pagsaluhan (Let us share the warmth of our love)
Kung mayroong hahadlang di ko papayagan (If we are prevented, i will not allow it)

Kung mula sa puso ay tunay ngang ganyan (If it's from the heart then that's genuine)Init ng pag-ibig ating pagsaluhan (Let us share the warmth of our love)
Kung mayroong hahadlang di ko papayagan (If we are prevented, i will not allow it)

Kung mula sa puso ay tunay ngang ganyan (If it's from the heart then that's genuine)Nais ko'y ikaw ang laging yakap-yakap (I want to always hug you)
Yakap na sana'y walang wakas (Hug which I hope is never ending)
Sana'y laging ako ang iniisip mo (I wish you think of me)
Sa maghapon at sa magdamag (the whole day and night)
Init ng pag-ibig ating pagsaluhan (Let us share the warmth of our love)
Kung mayroong hahadlang di ko papayagan (If we are prevented, i will not allow it)

Kung mula sa puso ay tunay ngang ganyan (If it's from the heart then that's genuine)

More lyrics:

I Feel the Earth Move Under my Feet - James Taylor

I thought this was a song from Earth, Wind and Fire because of the title but reading the history of the song from Wikipedia and whoa!

So it was originally a James Taylor song back in the 70s although the song that keeps playing in my head is the song being sung by a female artist which turned out to be Martika. Below is the lyrics I got from fruitylyrics.

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
I Feel The Sky Tumbling Down
I Feel My Heart Start To Trembling
Whenever You're Around

Oh, Baby, When I See Your Face
Mellow As The Month Of May
Oh, Darling, I Can't Stand It
When You Look At Me That Way

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
I Feel The Sky Tumbling Down
I Feel My Heart Start To Trembling
Whenever You're Around

Oh, Darling, When You're Near Me
And You Tenderly Call My Name
I Know That My Emotions
Are Something That I Just Can't Tame
I've Just Got To Have You, Baby

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
I Feel The Sky Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down
I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
I Feel The Sky Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down

I Just Lose Control
Down To My Very Soul
I Get Hot And Cold All Over

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
I Feel The Sky Tumbling Down
Tumbling Down
Tumbling Down
Tumbling Down
Tumbling Down

Ok so why am I sharing this to you?  We all know about the earthquake around the globe and the very recent one was in Japan.  This majestic country wasn't really devastated by the earthquake but by the Tsunami which hit its soil.  It was terrifying, very tragic and not much we could do but watch how the sea water devoured everything on its way!  It was like watching a horror movie which I dislike.

We heard so much stories about it now and our country, the THIRD WORLD as I love to call it (in order to stop the absurdity of comparing this country with the G7 or the great, powerful countries), made some steps to at least prepare when such situation struck.

Science has it that the Philippines is in the Pacific Ring of Fire which in layman's term: very prone to earthquakes.  Government agencies have inspected buildings, roads and other infrastructures to check their strength when the earthquake comes.

Just this day, the Office of the Civil Defense conducted an earthquake drill which I didn't resist since this is going to be the first earthquake drill I will attend in my entire life! Yes! The first time is today!

I learned from the lecture that we should always be ALERT! It is important that when disaster comes, we should be alert in order to decide well and save not only our life but of others.  Do not panic; do not shout; do not run!

I also learned about the importance of DUCK, COVER AND HOLD which means that when inside a building or a house, one should "duck" or drop to the ground, "cover" your head (which is the weakest part of our body, including the nape where the important nerve and spines are located) and "hold" which may mean hold on to something sturdy like the post or sturdy tables or chairs.

Never run. Running may cause you bumping into an object that could injure you.  So it is always safe to stay calm  in times of disaster.

After the lecture, I told myself that I should buy a safety whistle not only for me but also for my nieces and nephews which they could use during emergency.  As we all know, whistle attracts attention so if something happens, we blow the whistle.  The lecturer likewise said that a safety whistle could give rescuers a signal as to your location when trapped inside a collapsed building or any structure.

While all these were going on, the background song (which is only in my head) is "I fell the earth move under my feet!"

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