Tell Him - Vinda Shepard from Ally McBeal

I miss that TV series Ally McBeal.  My long lost friend was just talking about it the other night and she told me how she lost her collection of Ally McBeal soundtrack during the great flood that affected Metro Manila in 2009.  I know how it feels to lose your most valued and treasured possessions.

Good thing, I still have my DVD collection of that TV series.  I collect lawyering-related movies or shows, you know.

This is the song that plays in the head of Ally McBeal and you will see her dancing, head banging and jumping like crazy.  I love it when Ally danced, not to mention the dancing baby.  One will think that they are the greatest dance crew on earth.

Well my friend told me that she was about to get married but decided against it in the nick of time. This song depicts that story when a woman tells the guy that he is everything she needs only to forget about this conviction later on.  I do not wonder why such things or phenomenon happen because such instances happen to guys most of the time.  He would promise you the moon and the stars but when a finger snaps, that promise disappears.  

Even the people destined to be somebody will, one point in their life, realizes that he or she cannot do it.  He or she will falter from commitment.  We have fears! This is our weakness, boys and girls.  This is even worst when the person you committed yourself with does not extend a hand and just let you go… he or she has likewise lost that commitment.

I believe that love is like health, we have to feed it everyday even if we feel like not eating or loving, love anyway, anyhow.
Tell him Lyrics:
Ally McBeal 

I know something about love. You've gotta want it bad
If that guy's got into your blood, go out and get him
If you want him to be the very part of you
That makes you want to breathe, here's the thing to do...

Tell him that you'll never gonna leave him
Tell him that you'll always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

I know something about love. You gotta show it and make him
See the moon up above. Reach out and get it
If you want him to make your heart sing out
And if you want him to only think of you...


Ever since the world began it's been that way
For man and woman were created to make love their destiny
Then why should true love be so complicated? Oh...

I know something about love. You gotta take it and
Show him what the world is made of, one kiss will prove it
If you want him to be always by your side
Take his hand tonight and swallow your foolish pride and..

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