Di Lang Ikaw - Juris

We were in the house of a pediatrician the other day when this song played.

I can't help but notice how the doctor reacted to it's tune and lyrics so I thought, this could be nice.

Hearing the song, I was saddened because it talks about parting ways... after the love has gone. The doctor is inlove but couldn't make it up because of a very pressing situation. I think medical field is a very busy profession. Now, I realized that most of the doctors here in the Philippines inter-marry, meaning there are a lot of doctor couples. It must be a tight relationship or perhaps they are just too busy in their profession that they find it hard to find love interest outside their field.

That's a good sign though because the couple will be able to share their interest or ideals even friends who are in the same field.

At the onset of medicine practitioners enrolling in nursing school I wonder if both, the couple, would like to be classmates and become a nurse. Geesh, I don't know what I am talking about here. I don't know also what is the meaning of this song's lyrics. All I know is that the singers want to say goodbye, no third part whatsoever, just goodbye.

My thoughts! Thanks for the time!

"Di Lang Ikaw" (Not only you or not you alone) by Juris
Words by Juris
Music by Aiza Seguerra

Pansin mo ba ang pagbabago? (Do you notice the changes?)
Di matitigan ang iyong mga mata (I cannot look into your eyes)
Tila di na nananabik (doesn't seem excited)
Sa iyong yakap at halik (with your hug and kiss)
Sana'y malaman mo hindi sinasadya (Hope you will not this is not intentional)
Kung ang nais ko ay maging malaya (If my desire is to be free)

Di lang ikaw (Not only you)
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan (Not you alone is having difficulty)
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan (My feelings is likewise confused)
Di lang ikaw (Not only you)
Di lang ikaw ang nababahala (Not you alone is worried)
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan (whisper of my head not to let you go)
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan (but my heart has to leave you)

Pansin mo ba ang nararamdaman (You notice the feeling)
Di na tayo magkaintindihan (We can no longer understand each other)
Tila hindi na maibabalik (It seemed hard to bring back)
Tamis ng yakap at halik (sweetness of hug and kiss)
Maaring tama ka lumalamig ang pagsinta (You may be right, infatuation becomes cold)
Sana'y malaman mong di ko sinasadya (Hope you'll now it's not intended)
*Repeat Chorus

Di hahayaang habang buhay kang saktan (I won't let you get hurt for life)
Di sasayangin ang iyong panahon (I won't waste your time)
Ikaw ay magiging Masaya (You will be happy)
Sa yakap at sa piling ng iba (with hug and kiss of another)

4 Responses

  1. JDGonzales Says:

    It's really hard to say Goodbye but this is the song that can penetrate in ones' emotion...more deeper thoughts...the hardest part in a relationship but things can no longer patch up.It is a very good song lyrics and a very good music blends so well.Galing Juris and Aiza!!!Awesome!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I first heard this song at the show of Juris at 19 east. I instantly fell in love with the melody. The lyrics was ok but the melody was the one that hit me hard. I was even surprised that the song's melody was done by Aiza. It gave me a diffrent look at the artist. Hope she could make more music like this. My hats off to Juris and Aiza for the beautiful song.

  3. Brenda Says:

    Fell in love with this song....thanks for sharing the lyrics

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