A Love Song - Kenny Rogers

I cried when I said goodbye. I cried even more when I looked back at her from the glass waving goodbye. I cannot let her know I was in tears because she has more reasons to cry being away from her family and I cannot admit to myself that I am crying. Being known as a strong person, crying is at the bottom of my vocabulary. But sometimes, I just have to let it out! Now, to back track on my story, keep reading.

I was in my out-of-the-country vacation for the summer. I visited relatives and friends in Singapore. Since temporary residence in Merlion City was very expensive, I was lucky enough to have been accommodated by six lovely people in their boarding house. I stayed with them for over a week and was fortunate to visit Sentosa and the Night Safari. I didn't really expect much from that vacation so being able to visit those places was a consolation for my vacation. All I really wanted is a home away from home. A place where I could be with some friends to visit and a comfortable place for slumber! Yes! Working for the pre-election was a "stressor" and I no longer want to linger on that memory. I was deprived of decent sleep but that was well reversed as soon as I set foot on Singapore land. It was all I longed for: a restful sleep!

I enjoyed it so much there that I brushed aside the thoughts of having to go back home. I just tried to sleep and wake up there thinking "Thank God I am still in Singapore!" Until the day of departure arrives!

I told myself: I should not cry but as soon as I reached the boarding gate, I couldn't help my tears! I just fixed my sunglasses so I could somehow hide my tears from other people. I didn't succeed. Last resort was to wipe it.

There you go! This is my story for this song.

A love song

Why do people cry
When they hear the word goodbye
In a love song?
Tears are sure to fall
When you know they gave it all
In a love song.
Somehow two lovers get a chance
At a beautiful romance
And you wish it could be you.

‘cause everybody’s needing
what the singers all are singing
in a love song.

It can tear you apart
‘cause a word can break a heart
in a love song.
They say all the things you feel
And they make it sound so real
In a love song.
It seems that everything they say
Is said in such a way
That we believe it’s true.

‘cause everybody’s needing …

Each of us know
there’s no guarantee
we’ll ever find love.
And in the songs that we share
The heartache is there
To remind us.
New love brings a thrill
And we know it always will
In a love song.

Happiness can leave
But it helps if we believe
In a love song.
There’s a part of you and me
In every memory
That tells us who we are.

And everybody’s needing …

Case Digest - Succession


GRN 72706

OCTOBER 27, 1987



Constantitno filed for probate of the will of his decased brother Nemesio. The spouse and adopted child of the decedent opposed the probate of will because of preterition. RTC dismissed the petition of the wife. CA reversed and the probate thus was dismissed


Whether or not there was preterition of “compulsory heirs in the direct line” thus their omission shall not annul the institution of heirs.


Preterition consists in the omission of the forced heirs because they are not mentioned there in, or trough mentioned they are neither instituted as heirs nor are expressly disinherited. As for the widow there is no preterit ion because she is not in the direct line. However, the same cannot be said for the adopted child whose legal adoption has not been questioned by the petitioner. Adoption gives to the adopted person the same rights and duties as if he where a legitimate child of the adopter and makes the adopted person a legal heir hence, this is a clear case of preterition.

The universal institution of petitioner together with his brothers and sisters to the entire inheritance of the testator results in totally abrogating the will because the nullification of such institution of universal heirs without any other testamentary disposition in the will amounts to a declaration that nothing was written. No legacies and devisees having been provided in the will, the whole property of the deceased has been left by universal title to petitioner and his brothers and sisters.

What's Forever For

I have a girl friend who is for me, a very successful person but she doesn't seem to notice it in herself. Oftentimes I point out to her how much people look up to her because of her achievements. They don't seem to count; nothing seems to penetrate her mind. The reason I think is her failing marriage.

She is an open book. Her life story is open to all her friends and for what happened to her married life, and for what will happen and for a single person like me, I couldn't help but ask: "What's forever for?" This is the title of the next song/blog entry.

Her love story is a roller coaster and she admits it. For some months that I've known her and been with her most of the time, I know she is torn deep within. She is a known personality, a politician, an achiever, intelligent and all adjectives I can describe her. But she fell deeply in love with the wrong guy that despite his shortcomings, she still patiently waits for her husband. She accepts him with open arms and live as if nothing wrong is happening for the sake of their kid... or for the sake of forever.

This brings me to ask... what's forever for when you're not happy? When the people who honestly love you thinks you're living in a make-believe, in a fantasy, in a dream?

You, what is your forever for?

I will not long for forever if I am not happy with it. I'd rather live with today, live life day by day and thinking happy thoughts. What is my forever for when I am not happy? What is to look forward to when today I am sad. How do I begin building up a happy forever when it is sadness that you have to start it with. Oh, I know I am talking about love. I know I am not a romantic person and I may seem to have categorized love, or perhaps put it in a box or canned it, as if I can measure, define or reason with it... or preserve it just like that.

Love for me is changing... it should change in order for us to cope with the changing environment. And for now, I can say my forever is my happiness. If I am not happy then what's forever for?

for the lyrics=====

I've been looking at people
And how they change with the times
And lately all I've been seeing are people
Throwing love away and losing their minds

Maybe it's me who's gone crazy
But I can't understand why
All these lovers keep hurting each other
When good love is so hard to come by

So what's the glory in living
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore
And if love never lasts forever
Tell me what's forever for

And I see love hungry people
Tryin' their best to survive
When right there in their hands
Is a dying romance
And they're not even trying to keep it alive

So, what's the glory in living
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore
And if love never lasts forever
Tell me what's forever for

So what's the glory in living
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore
And if love never lasts forever
Tell me what's forever for

Here is my Life

I love to sing this song.

(Words and Music by Ed Conlin)

Behold the eyes of the Lord search the face of the earth

To find hearts that are given, seeking souls to make pure.

To enflame this world's darkness, to warm cold hearts with grace.

Am I here, Lord, for such a time, for such a place?

Here is my life, Lord: heart, mind and body.

My soul's surrender, take it for your own.

And you will lead, I know, where only love can go.

Here is my life, O Lord, my life for you.

There is a love stronger than death, passion deeper than this life

In the heart's purest longing lies the pearl of great price.

One love all loves surpassing, true surrender the cost.

Am I here, Lord, to bear this love and share its cross?

Here is my life, Lord: heart, mind and body.

My soul's surrender, take it for your own.

And you will lead, I know, where only love can go.

Here is my life, O Lord, my life for you.

My reflections....

everyday, we are faced with different directions, different
paths to take. what would these paths be? your desire to serve
your parents, watch over your little friends, do good in your
work/school? do you make peace with your enemies? do you persist on
looking at the evil in other people? do you add up to the confusions
and complexities of your environment? are you initiating arguments?

amidst all these seemingly unanswerable, insurmountable troubles in life,
do we seek peace? is there peace?

for a moment, ask yourself... who am i? what am i?
am i a peace giver? am i a peace lover?
i only have one body, one soul fused together... i cannot bear to hold
all complexities in life... i know that. i have one heart to carry all the
pains of my life, could i accommodate all the pains of the world?
i have one mind to think of all my past, present and future concerns. will
this single mind understand all the concerns of the world, past, future and

i am a single being, not capabale of living alone and most importantly,
not worthy alone.

we travel through life, and along the way, we meet a friend, our loved ones,
our inspiration. we take them along with us... are we to demonstrate to
them the hardships of living alone, of being confused and abused?

we have gone ahead of them, we know what types of road they will go through,
and what we will be showing them is the easiest road, the road of silence,
the road of peace, the road of happiness... the road that the Shepherd has
promised us.

in that same road, i know, we will pass by the good old friends, enemies
who loved us in return, peers who cared for us all along, families who
supported us until the end, and the one true lover who suffered death for
us... for me. am i still alone, confused and abused?

Remember the Basic

An entry I wrote for our University.

During a play on a college ball game, my coach shouted "Remember the basic!" I wondered what it meant and then I realized, when playing the ball game, you must first know how to dribble the ball, then move away from your opponent then finally, aim and shoot the ball!

That's just it… the basics! I may be the point guard of the team, the ball handler and no mater how often or how used you are in that game, surely you'll commit mistake, you may remember the basic but do not apply it.

Now confronted with a lot of work in the office, some lesson plans to prepare and number of quizzes and exams to prepare, I concluded, life has been so complicated for me.

But this is just me. How about you? How about our university?

I honor the administration for all the innovations and improvements since the drive for "university-hood" has started. Now we are a university and the vigor for further improvement never stopped, like the on-going construction of the IT building, the improveing security force, maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness, widespread call for faculty dvelopment, etc.

Indeed we became at par with the prestigious schools in our nation as far as physical infrastructure and globalization are concerned. We are already here. This is what we are now.

But we became a university or a universil institution at that, because of the very basic thing that is… LOVE.


Out of our founders' love for each other, a mission was realized. Out of this mission, love for the community evolved thus, this institution came into being. And out of this institution, came thousands of students who came and keeps on coming back because of that "amor" that the administration had shown and continuously showing them.

Yes, we love them that they learned to love us in return. And the teaching force, as well as the university administration and staff did their best to serve our students. For that, I extend my salutation and felicitations to the administration.

We may have realized our goals and achieved our status now, but somewhere along the way, things may not go as it should. There will be no coach to shout back at us and so let us just remember, when we stumble, when we fall, its for certain that we have neglected the basic!

Back to Blog

Where have I been?

For the most part of the quarter this year, I have been involved with the manpower pooling for the automated election. Seldom did I have ample time for myself since I was busy talking to people, scheduling applicants for the training, preparing my progress reports, transacting with the election officers province-wide and all others. This was on a daily basis.

In the course of all this, at least I have gained new friendships which I treasure for the most part of it.

My common by-line during those days was "I forgot to be a law student." There were days, after a long day in front of the computer communicating to people I still don't know and see, at the same time preparing my work, I manage to somehow attend school knowing I have nothing to throw back once our professor would put us in a hot seat. I was brainless, as far as law schooling is concerned.

I am here now because I have moved on. I have elevated from the slumber that pre-election fever has brought me. I am here now, to give another light to this site I consider part of me.

I thought I have forgotten how to go about this, but I still have it in my mind. this would just require me extra time since a lot of my old habits have been disrupted/ignored/swallowed by my part time job. Hey, did I mention I didn't earn from that part time job? Really? that's a pity!

Alright so til here folks. I still have an exam in the afternoon so I better start reviewing!

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