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Where have I been?

For the most part of the quarter this year, I have been involved with the manpower pooling for the automated election. Seldom did I have ample time for myself since I was busy talking to people, scheduling applicants for the training, preparing my progress reports, transacting with the election officers province-wide and all others. This was on a daily basis.

In the course of all this, at least I have gained new friendships which I treasure for the most part of it.

My common by-line during those days was "I forgot to be a law student." There were days, after a long day in front of the computer communicating to people I still don't know and see, at the same time preparing my work, I manage to somehow attend school knowing I have nothing to throw back once our professor would put us in a hot seat. I was brainless, as far as law schooling is concerned.

I am here now because I have moved on. I have elevated from the slumber that pre-election fever has brought me. I am here now, to give another light to this site I consider part of me.

I thought I have forgotten how to go about this, but I still have it in my mind. this would just require me extra time since a lot of my old habits have been disrupted/ignored/swallowed by my part time job. Hey, did I mention I didn't earn from that part time job? Really? that's a pity!

Alright so til here folks. I still have an exam in the afternoon so I better start reviewing!

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