Welcome 2010

We are now approaching the twilight of the New Year and as soon our calendars change, so as our family, our friends, our job, our dreams, our memories. Year by year, we realize our accomplishments in life; we add new people to our circle of friends, we gain more memories, pictures are piling, yearbooks accumulate more dusts as it lies there in our book shelves. The coming year will definitely add more value to those we consider precious.

You know what is the most precious thing on earth no money can buy? It's those memories we lock inside the ventricle of our hearts. I remember a friend who told me that as the news of a big storm and flood coming to their area, the first thing she saved was her photo albums, all of it! You might wonder that of all things she wanted to save from flood are those photo albums. Absolutely! I'd do the same given the same situation. Nothing can replace the memories that those pictures have brought to our lives. Remember that first love letter you received from your husband when you were still high school sweethearts? Once in a while, we collect memories and a way of collecting them is through pictures, notes, your ticket stub to a concert even a table napkin where you wrote your "I love yous" during that most romantic date.

I am a memories collector myself and I came across a website that offers something for us to BE Remembered. It is a site where you can store those precious memories and offers automated reminder where you will not miss a birthday of your friend or relatives, the anniversary of wedding or even the day you and your loved one traveled in a very special place. The website guarantees to store your memories for as long as one decade! Imagine being updated before hand that a birthday or anniversary is coming up or your loved ones whom you intend to share those precious memories with will likewise be reminded in TEN years! That's what about living on means. Those memories you consider precious will just go on, and go on and still go on for ten long years.

Bilog na Hugis Itlog - Sexbomb Dancers

Guys, I just remembered writing about this song to let you know how busy I was the previous weeks before Christmas. A team was tasked to survey the polling precincts in relation to the forthcoming Philippine 2010 Presidential election and beyond (because Senators, Congressmen down to th town level of Mayor and Councilors will be voted.) I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the site surveyors. So we go to COMELEC for the briefing and how to do's then off we go to the polling precincts.

We were just there to check the road condition, signal condition (of Globe, Smart and Suncell networks) lighting condition and if there is reliable power supply in the area. Well, I thought it was that easy. What went wrong? Oh boy! I was confronted with a lot of questions starting from school authorities to classroom custodians including the tricycle driver I hired to bring me to those places.

There I saw first hand, the fear/anxiety/doubts of my kababayans (Town-mates) towards the idea of automated election. There were few who quite understood what was going on. In fact, some claimed that they got idea regarding the election from this Sexbomb Dancers' song (applause). At least now we know that indeed some learn from the song. I'd say if one is keen enough to understand and perhaps arm himself/herself with a little knowledge on what automated election is about, there would be no need to worry.

That's what I did. Our survey work wasn't really full time. My preparations was full time. I searched for all the materials I needed in order to give a little bit of information I know about the automated election. Somehow. I was able to enlighten a few of them who were initially adamant on the subject.

There was mixed reaction, as I've said. Some teachers were very eager to have their designated classrooms be surveyed. There are those who hesitated. There was this one school principal who passed me to a subordinate and directed the latter to show me those rooms but later on requested that the subordinated wronged in assigning the room thus requested that I redo the survey. Oh boy. Too good I have the option not to do it since the principal signed my survey form anyway. If travel allowance permits, why not. Anyway, as I have read and as what I explained to those who asked me how is this automated election, I just told them, it's like taking the board exam where you will just shade the circle corresponding to your most worthy candidate then pass the paper on to a machine (or an election inspector will assist you on that -not sure) but that was basically what I shared with them. Comes tomorrow, my survey work will continue.

Prior to that, let me explain how my translation below will proceed. "Bilog" is a general term that refer to something that is circle or round or a shape that has no edge. "Itlog" is an egg. To my knowledge, before the word "oblong" (oval) came to being, Filipinos first referred to the egg whose shape is oval as oval. I say this because I used to refer to the egg when I encountered the word "oval" when I was still in grade school. The egg-shape stuck to my mind. Charged to experience, here now is my translation of the song Bilog na Hugis Itlog (Round/Circle that is egg-shape)

May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog (There is a circle, there is a circle that is egg-shape)
Mare, mare* (See details below)
May ikukuwento ako sa ‘yo, puwede? (I have a story to tell you, can be?)
Oo naman mare! Puwede! (Of course you can)
Simula na po ang automation (It's the start of automation)
Sa darating na twenty ten elections (This coming 2010 elections)
Sa automation bibilis (in automation, will speed-up)
bibilis ang bilangan (will speed-up the counting)
Kaya lalong dapat nating bantayan (So the more we should carefull watch)
Nasa balota na mga pangalan (in the ballots are the names that)
ng kandidatong pagpipilian (of candidates to chose from)
Alamin na po natin ang automation (Let us know the automation)
Paano nga ba’ng gagawin? (How to do it?)
Ano bagong instruction? (What is the instruction?)
May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog (There is a circle, there is a circle that is egg-shape)
May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog (There is a circle, there is a circle that is egg-shape)
Ang kailangan sa bilog (What you need to do with the circle)
ay simpleng-simple lang (is very simple)
Itiman, i-shade loob** ng bilog (Blacken, shade the inside of the circle)
Hanapin ang bilog sa tapat ng pangalan (Find the circle in front of the name)
ng kandidatong napupusuan (the candidate of your heart's choice)
Ang bilog, ang bilog (The circle, the circle)
sa tapat ng pangalan (in front of the name)
‘Yan ang dapat nating markahan (That is what we should mark)
Gets mo ba? (Did you get it?)
Gets ko na! (I got it!)
Gets na gets na talaga! (I really got it!)
Computer ang magbabasa ng ating mga balota (The computer will read our ballots)
Kung mali ang pagmarka baka boto mo’y mabasura (If your mark is wrong, your ballots may be invalidated)
Balota mo’y alagaan (Take care of your ballots)
Boto’y makapangyarihan (Your vote is powerful)
Huwag gusutin o dungisan (Don't crumple or blemish)
Upang tiyak na mabilang (So it would be surely counted)
Ang boto mo, boto mo makapangyarihan (Your vote, your vote is powerful)
Pumili tayo ng tuwid ng may paninindigan (Let us choose rightfully and with conviction)
Tunay na lider na magsisilbi sa bayan (True leader that will serve the country)
Yan ang kailangan (That is needed)
Kailangan ng bayan (needed by the country/town)
Isang Presidente, Bise Presidente (A President, a Vice-President)
Mga Senador puwede hanggang dose (Senators up to twelve)
Isang Congressman, at isang Party List lang (A Congressman and one party-list only)
Huwag na, huwag nang dagdagan (Never, never add)
Isang Mayor, may Vice Mayor (A mayor, a vice-mayor)
At kung ilang Konsehal ang kailangan (and how many councilors neede)
Isang Gobernador, At kanyang Bise (One Governor and its Vice)
At kung ilang Bokal puwede! (And if how many Board can there be)
Hanapin ang bilog (Find the circle)
Sa tapat ng pangalan (In front of the name)
ng kandidatong napupusuan (of candidate)
Ang bilog, ang bilog (The circle, the cirlce)
Sa tapat ng pangalan (in front of the name)
‘Yan ang dapat nating markahan (That is what we should mark)
May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog (There is a circle, there is a circle that is egg-shape)
May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog (There is a circle, there is a circle that is egg-shape)
Ang kailangan sa bilog (What we need to do with the circle)
ay simpleng-simple lang (is very simple
Itiman, i-shade loob ng bilog (Blacken, Shade the inside of the cricle)
Ang loob ng bilog na hugis itlog (The inside of the circle that is egg-shape)
Huwag bibilugan (Do not encircle)
loob ang dapat itiman (The inside should be shaded)
Ang loob ng bilog na hugis itlog (The inside of the circle that is egg-shape)

*Mare is pronounced as "mah-reh" which is a nomenclature to a female friend/acquaintance who is the godmother of your son/daughter
**Loob means inside or interior or the space inside the circle.

Mga Kababayan Ko - Francis Magalona

"Three stars and the sun" that was the kind of t-shirt design my friend from the USA was looking for. I was asked to search or look for a shirt like that. It should be easy, I thought, because eversince this famous Pinoy rapper passed away, T-shirts printed with his face or some ornaments that would compliment his songs were largely circulated among the local artists and of course to the can-afford public. I was shocked to learn that such a shirt costs as much as 3 or 4 times the amount you could get from a simple shirt in the malls.

I am not yet that well-to-do you know. Buying such an expensive shirt for my friend who is from US was not practical. I have always been an economical or practical person. I am just trying to make ends meet according to my ability to earn. Hay... Economics! Anyway, I have nothing against the T-shirt being sold for a cause. It was for a good cause after all. In fact, I admire the shirt and I love to have one but I can't afford this one. Anyway, Christmas came with just a little penny on my pocket. I chanced upon a local dry goods store. I saw this yellow shirt (my favorite color, have I said that?) with a map of my country embroidered on its left chest. My eyes were fixed on it so I closed my eyes... and imagined I could own that shirt... then I opened my eyes... and presto! The saleslady handed the shirt to me. I will consider that as the most wonderful gift I have received this Holiday Season. With so much rejoicing over having a shirt most pleasing to my eyes, I bought another color, for my sister. Once again, I closed my eyes, so the reality that I am letting go of my penny will escape me a bit. LOL! It was a gift for my sister, I said. So it is worth it. My consolation came when I gave my gift to my sister, she liked it! So there... I got my shirt and somehow, it would help me show the world (or just my neighbors and friends) that my love for this country is lit albeit flickering because of the ongoing chaos and tumult (the floods, the economic downfall, the massacre, dirty politics, volcanic eruption, etc). This is the reason why I came back, and I wanna stay, so in my own little way, I could help my country. Staying and facing the troubles, the gargantuan problems of this country, is my means of helping this nation. If Francis M. helped or promoted the Philippine culture and aspiration through his music, I think I could help simply by not adding insult to injury, do something good to others, show some love primarily to your family and friends then perhaps love to your enemies will also find its way through our hearts. I used to be an idealistic person, a normal feeling for youngsters, and I think with the words I just shared with you, I am re-living my idealism, only with a tinge of realism and "practicalism" (or the right term "practicality").

And again, my little contribution to our music industry... my own translation of the song Mga kababayan ko by Francis M.

Mga kababayan ko (my town-mates)
Dapat lang malaman nyo (It's right for you to know)
Bilib ako sa kulay ko (I believe in/proud of my color)
Ako ay pilipino (I am Filipino)
Kung may itim or may puti (If there is white or there is black)
Mayron naman kayumangi (There is also brown)
Isipin mo na kaya mong (Think that you can)
Abutin ang yung minimithi (reach your goals/aspirations)

Dapat magsumikap para tayo'y di maghirap (We should strive harder so we won't suffer)
Ang trabaho mo pagbutihin mo (Your work, do good)
Dahil pag gusto mo ay kaya mo (Because if you want it, you can do it)
Kung kaya mo ay kaya nya (For if you can he also can)
At kaya nating dalawa (and both of us can do it)

Magaling ang atin (Ours is great)
Yan ang laging iisipin (always put that in mind)
Pag asensyo mararating (Progress/development can be achieved)
Kung handa kang tiisin (If you're ready to bear)
Ang hirap at pagod sa problema (poverty, tiredness with problems)
Wag kang malunod (Dont get drowned)
Umaahon ka wag lumubog (Get up, don't sink)
Pagka't ginhawa naman ang susunod (Because there is rest after)
Iwasan mo ang ingit (Avoid envy)
Ang sa ibay ibig mong makamit (What others have you want to own)
Dapat nga ikaw matuwa sa napala ng iyong kapatid (In fact you whould be happy for the blessing of your sibling)
Ibig kung ipabatid (I want to let you know)
Na lahat tayo'y kabig bisig* (That we are all arms locked/connected)

Respetohin natin ang ating ina (Respect our mother)
Ilaw siya ng tahanan (Sh is light of the home)
Bigyang galang ang ama (Give honor to father)
At ang payo ang susudan (and honor his advice)
At sa magkakapatid (and to siblings)
Kailang ay magmahalan (love one another)
Dapat lang ay pag usapan ang hindi nauuwaan (It's right to talk over things you don't undrstand)

Wag takasan ang pag kukulang (Don't evade from your shortcomings)
Kasalan ay panagutan (Be responsible to your faults)
Magmalinis ay iwasan (Avoid pretending you are clean)
Nakakainis marumi naman (It's irritating that its unclean)
Ang mag kaaway ipag bati (Mediate to those who are warring/fighting)
Gumitna ka ang wag kumampi (Stay in the middle and be not bias)

Lahat tayoy magkakapatid (We are all siblings)
Anong mang mali ay ituwid (Correct whatever is wrong)
Magdasal sa diyos maykapal (Pray to God Almighty)
Maging banal at wag hangal (Be holy and don't be a fool)
Itong tula ay alay ko (This poem I dedicate)
Sa inyo at sa buong mundo (To you and to the whole world)

Repeat chorus
01 - Francis M - ...

Merry Christmas to All

I have been away for a while but here is a song for everyone.

As my friend Hugh said, let us just all hope... that the world peace is attainable. We also hope and pray for peace in our country and that violence that the coming 2010 election brings will be halted is not minimized.

And, as my favorite movie says, "when someone does something for you, don't pay it back, PAY IT FORWARD" and we could see that this one world is the best place for all of us, without boundaries, without hatred, without division.

Here is my most favorite Christmas song:
All through the year
We've waited
Waited through spring and fall
To hear silver bells ringing
See winter time bringing
The happiest season of all

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jackfrost nippin' at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Will help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes of a glow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

(*) They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is going to spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

(**) And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times,
Many ways
Merry Christmas to you

Carpenters - Christmas Song Lyrics @ LyricsTime.com

Push It - Salt n Pepa

My friend wrote to me the other day telling me how worried he was when he heard about the flood that happened here in the Philippines. We used to work together, you know. This was one of the songs he sent me via email while I was "trying to push" the agents get more job done during our shift. We worked together in a call center business. He represented our client and we regularly talked on the phone.

I had to leave work and pursue my law school. We parted ways but remained to be friends. All I have is this song to remind me of him and of course, my iPod which I got from him. He emailed me the other day saying that although he seldom write to me, he will always be a friend. That was really sweet. He is truly sweet, you know.

I was out of my head when one time I ringed him, I didn't realize that we belong to different time zones, so ended waking him up at 4 in the morning. I hugely apologized for that mistake. It was so embarrassing! Imagine waking somebody up very early in the morning just to say "hi" and a few chit-chat maybe. That is one difficulty of having a friend from a different time zone.

Lyrics of the song Push It I copied from youtube

Ah, push it
Ah, push it

Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby
Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby

Get up on this!

Ow! Baby!
Salt and Pepa's here!

[Now wait a minute, y'all
This dance ain't for everybody
Only the sexy people
So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance
Dance, I said!]

Salt and Pepa's here, and we're in effect
Want you to push it, babe
Coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat
C'mon girls, let's go show the guys that we know
How to become number one in a hot party show
Now push it

Ah, push it - push it good
Ah, push it - push it real good
Ah, push it - push it good
Ah, push it - p-push it real good

Hey! Ow!
Push it good!

Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby
Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby

Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop
Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss
Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed
Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?
Now push it

Push it good
P-push it real good

Ah, push it
Get up on this!

Boy, you really got me going
You got me so I don't know what I'm doing

Ah, push it

Losing my Religioin - R.E.M

This song was introduced to me by my brother. I became more familiar with it and REM because of my borther. He used to be a fan, when we were still in colleg, I just don't know if it still stands true today. I can not recall the latest hit made by REM, and I mean like 2009 hit or song release. I am not really a wide fan, I am just familiar with them particularly with this song.

What was it like losing my religion?

It was not a secret that I once lost my faith, so to speak. I neglected my religious duties and lived life as if my soul didn't matter. Oooops... I didn't intend to say that I've grown bad when I lost my religion. I just think that I did nothing to "nourish my soul" back then. I could say I was really lost, and I lost everything, including my faith to my family. What only mattered was myself.

Hah! Selfish whale, that was me! What I did? I completely debunked that idea that there is a god. I somehow imbibed the philosophy of Nietzche that God is dead... because we killed him. I killed God in my thoughts. I was like a hard disk, erasing every bit of document, file extension and folder name from my memory and worst, I convinced others. However, they were not too shallow to follow my lead. At least I had that consolation. I even forgot my Sunday obligations and got to the point of almost burning the bible that a friend gave me. I was really insane and what I did was really horrible, that I don't want to expound on it anymore.

I really don't want to delve so much on this because I know, religion is a very sensitive topic. All I want to convey to you right now is my dark past. I call that my great divide where I learned so much so that I regain what I usually was: God-fearing. As a last note, let me tell you what I dramed of becoming when I was still a little kid. I wanted to be either a nun or a lawyer. Maybe God wants me to become a lawyer first then be a nun later. Who knows? Who could have guessed the thoughts of the Almighty? At the moment, I am setting aside my ambition to become a nun by becoming a lawyer first. Who knows really? God is full of surprises!


Lyrics of the song Losing my Religion by REM

Oh, life is bigger
It's bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no, I've said too much
I set it up

That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight, I'm
Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you
And I don't know if I can do it
Oh no, I've said too much
I haven't said enough
I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try

Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool, fool
Oh no, I've said too much
I set it up
Consider this
Consider this
The hint of the century
Consider this
The slip that brought me
To my knees failed
What if all these fantasies
Come flailing around
Now I've said too much
I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try

But that was just a dream
That was just a dream

(repeat chorus)

But that was just a dream
Try, cry, why try?
That was just a dream
Just a dream, just a dream

Emanuel - Bukas Palad Music Ministry

Today is the first of December and we are now on the first week of Advent. This was the first Christmas song I learned from my community that I love so much. My community, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, was so welcoming when I joined the choir or the Music Ministry.

What is so memorable for me about this Christmas song is my appreciation of the "voices" in music. They are the soprano, alto, tenor and bass. I am one of the altos. We sang this song in four voices before although I still don't have an appreciation of such arrangement those times. I just sang it and followed their instructions. I lack internalization back then, which I think I already have now. Our music team is very patient in teaching us, you know, and I truly admire him. I am a slow learner, most particularly in music, but I do internalize things to alleviate my learning skills.

Christmas is in the air again. This is my most favorite part of the year! I am excited to sing this song again. We are to sing at our parish church on a dawn mass (we call it "Simbang Gabi"). Some may ask what is Simbang Gabi? That is the nine day novena in preparation for the birthday of Jesus Christ. The tradition starts on the 16th of December until the 24th. The sermon of the priest once explained that misa de gallo (I believe the Spanish term for simbang gabi) came from the words meaning "mass with rooster". The priest's explanation is that in the old days, when people still don't have alarm clocks, the townspeople wake up at the crowing of the roosters. They would then prepare for the mass. It wasn't really evening, which is the literal translation of the word "gabi" but we're just used to calling it "simbang gabi" because it is still dark when devotees head to the church. We can still see the moon shining so brightly (during good weather).

Oh well, that is just my short story/explanation of our tradition.

Below is the lyrics of the song and it's translation I borrowed from this site:
Isang dalaga’y maglilihi,
Batang Lalaki ang sanggol.
At tatawagin siyang: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel.”
(repeat 1)

Magalak! Isinilang ang Poon.
Sa sabsaban Siya’y nakahimlay.
Nagpahayag ang mga anghel; “Luwalhati sa Diyos!”
(repeat 1 and 2 together, and then 1)

Coda: Kahuluga’y, nasaatin ang Diyos!
Nasaatin ang Diyos! Nasaatin ang Diyos!

EMMANUEL (English)

Behold, the Virgin shall be with Child
And shall bring forth a son
And they shall call His name: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel”

Rejoice! The Savior is born.
In the Manger is the Christ child lain
All the angels thoughout proclaim; “The Savior is born!”
Coda: In other words, “God with us!” (3x)

Emanuel - Bukas Palad

November Top10 EC Droppers

I am taking this space to thank my EC droppers who really took time to religiously visit my blog.

Thanks to all of you and I long to reciprocate your generosity. In the meantime, let me show my appreciation for your unending support to my blog experience.

More Power fellow bloggers!


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Case Digest - Labor Law

GRN 131235 NOVEMBER 16, 1999




Private respondent Marinio et al were duly elected officers of UST faculty. The union has a 5-year CBA with its employer and is set to expire on May 31, 1998. On October 5, 1996 various UST club presidents requested a general faculty assembly thus union and non-union faculty members convened. New set of officers were elected, violative of the CBL and that the GA was held with non-union members present. Union officers were served with a notice to vacate the union office, and CBA was ratified by an overwhelming majority. Med-Arbiter declared the election violative of the CBL while BLR director Bitonio upheld the decision with a ruling that the CBL which constituted the covenant between the union and its members could not be suspended during the general assembly of all faculty members, since it ha not been authorized by the union.


Whether or not the public respondent committed grave abuse of discretion in refusing to recognize the officers elected during the “general assembly”.


Self-organization is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution and the Labor Code. Corollary to this right is the prerogative not to join, affiliate with or assist a labor union. Therefore, to become a union member, an employee must not only signify the intent to become one, but also take some positive steps to realize that intent. The procedure for union membership is usually embodied in the union’s CBL. An employee who becomes a union member acquires the rights and he concomitant obligations that go with the new status and becomes bound by the union’s rules and regulations.

GRN 80587 FEBRUARY 8, 1989




Private respondent Mallare had an altercation with a co-employee. The following day, the Operations Manager served them memorandum of suspension and in the afternoon of that same day, Mallare was dismissed from work. Labor Arbiter dismissed Mallare’s petition for unfair labor practice for lack of merit. NLRC reversed the decision and ordered the reinstatement of Mallare with full backwages of one year without qualification and deduction.


Whether or not an employee dismissed for just cause but without due process be reinstated to work.


The basic requirement of due proves is that which hears before it condemns, proceeds upon inquiry and renders judgment only after trial. The dismissal of an employee must be for a just cause and after due process. Petitioner committed an infraction of the second requirement thus it must be imposed a sanction for its failure to give a formal notice and conduct an investigation as required by law before dismissing Mallare from employment. Petitioner must indemnify the dismissed employee which depends on the facts of each case and the gravity of the omission committed by the employer.

Where the private respondent appears to be of violent temper, caused trouble during office hours and even defied his supervisors as they tried to pacify him, he should not be rewarded with re-employment and backwages. The dismissal of the respondent should be maintained.

GRN 117040 JANUARY 27, 2000




Serrano was a regular employee of Isetann Department Store as the head of Security Checker. In 1991, as a cost-cutting measure, Isetann phased out its entire security section and engaged the services of an independent security agency. Petitioner filed a complaint for illegal dismissal among others. Labor arbiter ruled in his favor as Isetann failed to establish that it had retrenched its security section to prevent or minimize losses to its business; that private respondent failed to accord due process to petitioner; that private respondent failed to use reasonable standards in selecting employees whose employment would be terminated. NLRC reversed the decision and ordered petitioner to be given separation pay.


Whether or not the hiring of an independent security agency by the private respondent to replace its current security section a valid ground for the dismissal of the employees classed under the latter.


An employer’s good faith in implementing a redundancy program is not necessarily put in doubt by the availment of the services of an independent contractor to replace the services of the terminated employees to promote economy and efficiency. Absent proof that management acted in a malicious or arbitrary manner, the Court will not interfere with the exercise of judgment by an employer.

If termination of employment is not for any of the cause provided by law, it is illegal and the employee should be reinstated and paid backwages. To contend that even if the termination is for a just cause, the employee concerned should be reinstated and paid backwages would be to amend Art 279 by adding another ground for considering dismissal illegal.

If it is shown that the employee was dismissed for any of the causes mentioned in Art 282, the in accordance with that article, he should not be reinstated but must be paid backwages from the time his employment was terminated until it is determined that the termination of employment is for a just cause because the failure to hear him before he is dismissed renders the termination without legal effect.

GRN 158693 NOVEMBER 17, 2004




Petitioners were employed by Riviera Home as gypsum board and cornice installers from January 1992 to February 23, 1999 when they were dismissed for abandonment of work. Petitioners filed a complaint for illegal dismissal and was decided in their favor by the Labor Arbiter. Riviera appealed to the NLRC contending just cause for the dismissal because of petitioner’s abandonment of work. NLRC ruled there was just cause and petitioners were not entitled to backwages and separation pay. The CA in turn ruled that the dismissal was not illegal because they have abandoned their work but ordered the payment of money claims.


Whether or not petitioners were illegally dismissed.


To dismiss an employee, the law required not only the existence of a just and valid cause but also enjoins the employer to give the employee the right to be heard and to defend himself. Abandonment is the deliberate and unjustified refusal of an employee to resume his employment. For a valid finding or abandonment, two factors are considered: failure to report for work without a valid reason; and, a clear intention to sever employer-employee relationship with the second as the more determinative factor which is manifested by overt acts from which it may be deduced that the employees has no more intention to work.

Where the employer had a valid reason to dismiss an employee but did not follow the due process requirement, the dismissal may be upheld but the employer will be penalized to pay an indemnity to the employee. This became known as the Wenphil Doctrine of the Belated Due process Rule.

Art 279 means that the termination is illegal if it is not for any of the justifiable or authorized by law. Where the dismissal is for a just cause, the lack of statutory due process should not nullify the dismissal but the employer should indemnify the employee for the violation of his statutory rights. The indemnity should be stiffer to discourage the abhorrent practice of “dismiss now, pay later” which we sought to deter in Serrano ruling. The violation of employees’ rights warrants the payment of nominal damages.

GRN 151378




Respondents were hired by JAKA until their termination on August 29, 1997 because the Corporation was “in dire financial straits”. It was not disputed that they were terminated without complying with the requirement under Art. 283 of the Labor Code regarding the service of notice upon the employees and DOLE at least one month before the intended date of termination.


Whether or not full backwages and separation pay be awarded to respondents when employers effected termination without complying with the twin notice rule.


The dismissal of the respondents was for an authorized cause under Article 283. A dismissal for authorized cause does not necessarily imply delinquency or culpability on the part of the employee. Instead, the dismissal process is initiated by the employer’s exercise of his management prerogative, i.e. when the employer opts to install labor-saving devices, when he decides to cease business operations or when… he undertakes to implement a retrenchment program.

Accordingly, it is wise to hold that: 1) if the dismissal is based on a just cause but the employer failed to comply with the notice requirement, the sanction to be imposed upon him should be tempered because the dismissal was initiate by an act imputable to the employee; 2) if the dismissal is based on an authorized cause but the employer fails to comply with the notice requirement, the sanction should be stiffer because the dismissal process was initiated by the employer’s exercise of his management prerogative. Thus, dismissal was upheld but ordered JAKA to pay each of the respondents the amount of PhP 50,000.00 representing nominal damages for non-compliance with statutory due process.

Case Digest - Labor Law

Here is the continuation of my case digests:

GRN 127598 JANUARY 27, 1999

The court directed the parties to execute a CBA incorporating the terms among which are the following modifications among others: Wages: PhP 1,900 for 1995-1996; Retroactivity: December 28, 1996-Dec. 1999, etc. Dissatisfied, some members of the union filed a motion for intervention/reconsideration. Petitioner warns that is the wage increase of Php2,000.00 per month as ordered is allowed, it would pass the cost covering such increase to the consumers through an increase rate of electricity. On the retroactivity of the CBA arbitral award, the parties reckon the period as when retroaction shall commence.
Whether or not retroactivity of arbitral awards shall commence at such time as granted by Secretary.

In St. Luke’s Medical vs Torres, a deadlock developed during CBA negotiations between management unions. The Secretary assumed jurisdiction and ordered the retroaction of the CBA to the date of expiration of the previous CBS. The Court ratiocinated thus: In the absence of a specific provision of law prohibiting retroactive of the effectivity of arbitral awards issued by the Secretary pursuant to article 263(g) of the Labor Code, public respondent is deemed vested with the plenary and discretionary powers to determine the effectivity thereof.
In general, a CBA negotiated within six months after the expiration of the existing CBA retroacts to the day immediately following such date and if agreed thereafter, the effectivity depends on the agreement of the parties. On the other hand, the law is silent as to the retroactivity of a CBA arbitral award or that granted not by virtue of the mutual agreement of the parties but by intervention of the government. In the absence of a CBA, the Secretary’s determination of the date of retroactivity as part of his discretionary powers over arbitral awards shall control.
Wherefore, the arbitral award shall retroact from December 1, 1995 to November 30, 1997; and the award of wage is increased from Php1,900 to Php2,000.

GRN 54334 JANUARY 22, 1986
Union was certified by the BLR as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent of the rank and file employees. On December 1978, the union furnished the company 2 copies of its proposed CBA. Company did not reply and in its attempt to bring the company to the bargaining table, the union file a “notice of strike” with BLR on ground of unresolved economic issues. Conciliation proceedings then followed during the 30-day statutory cooling-off period. No conciliation was reached and prompted by company’s frequent request for postponement, NLRC rendered decision declaring company guilty of ULP and the draft proposal of CBA having found to be reasonable, was declared collective agreement which should govern the relationship of parties.
Whether or not company committed ULP.

Collective bargaining which is defined as a negotiation toward collective agreement, is designed to stabilize the relationship of labor and management and to create a climate of sound and stable industrial peace.
The company is guilty of ULP since it has been established that:
1. Respondent union was duly certified bargaining agent;
2. It made a definite request to bargain;
3. The company made no counter proposal which conclusively indicate lack of a sincere desire to negotiate.
Even during the compulsory arbitration before the NLRC, company approach and attitude stalling the negotiation by a series of postponements, non appearance at a hearing conducted and undue delay in submitting its financial statements, lead to no other conclusion except that it is unwilling to negotiate and reach an agreement with the Union.
As laid down in Herald delivery case, “ULP is committed when it is shown that the respondent employer, after having been served with a written bargaining proposal by union, did not even bother to submit an answer or reply…”

GRN: 128067 JUNE 5, 1998
PNO, J.:
Samahan, a registered union filed a petition for certification election. Private respondent questioned the status of petitioners as LLO on the ground of lack of proof that its contract of affiliation with NAFLU-KMU has been submitted to BLR. Samahan averred that as an independent and duly registered union, it has all the rights and privileges to act as a representative of its members for the purpose of collective bargaining with employers. Med-arbiter dismissed the petition. Meanwhile, FWU was allowed to conduct certification election, and eventually negotiated a CBA. Private respondent filed a motion to dismiss appeal of Samahan as it has become moot and academic. Secretary dismissed the appeal.

Whether or not pending appeal has been rendered moot and academic by a subsequently enacted CBA and WON legal personality of Samahan having been established the same could not be subject to collateral attack.

Petitioner is an independently registered labor union thus its rights to file petition for certification election on its own is beyond question. Its failure to prove its affiliation with NAFLU-KMU cannot affect its right to file petition as an independent union.
On second question, petitioner seasonably appealed, thus it stopped the holding of any certification election. Accordingly, there was an unresolved representation case at the time the CBA was entered by FWU and private respondent… “there should be no obstacle to the right of the employees to petition for a certification election at the proper time, that is within 60 days prior to the expiration of the life of a certified CBA… not even by a collective agreement submitted during the pendency of the representation case…”

GRN 119268 FEBRUARY 23, 2000

Petitioners were drivers of Goodman Taxi and were collected average of PhP400 as boundary plus 30pesos for car wash. They do not agree with the car wash fee and planned to form a union. Upon learning of their plan, private respondent refused to let petitioners drive their taxicab for few days. Petitioners filed illegal dismissal and illegal collection of wash fee. Labor Arbiter dismissed the complaint while NLRC reversed the decision ratiocinating that as employees, their dismissal must be for just cause and after due process.

Whether or not an employer-employee relationship exists.

Complainants ate taxi drivers on boundary system but in determining if employer-employee relationship exists, the four-fold test is applied: power of selection; payment of wages; power of dismissal, and; power to control the employees. Petitioners are undoubtedly employees of the respondent because taxi drivers perform activities which are necessary or desirable in the usual business or trade of the employer. Thus an employee illegally dismissed shall be entitled to reinstatement without loss of seniority rights and other privileges and to his full backwages, inclusive of allowances an to his other benefits or their monetary equivalent computed from the time his compensation was withheld from him up to the time of his actual reinstatement.

Just click on the link to see the entire case.
Reference websites:

Happy reading.

Busy November - Case Digest - Labor

Hello my dear friends. It seems that this is a very busy month for most of the bloggers I know. I have notice some of my added bloggers have been saying that they are unable to blog for quite sometime or that some are saying "I'll be back after a while" or "My internet connection is like crazy" or "please bear with me" and something like that.

I am in that kind of situation myself. We just ended our 5months in law school which comprised one semester. We're about to enroll again for the second semester but before all that is done, my classmates and I have been busy trying to finish "case digests" for our subjects. That was the time I stopped blogging about music but instead, encoded my case digest. I usually write down on a record book my case digests so that I can practice or improve my hand writing, which is really crucial when we take our Bar exams. I write it down on a notebook, consolidate them according to subject then encode them on .doc files. It was quite a task, luckily I am done with everything. It was a success after all my absence in the blog-world.

So for this entry, I am sharing with you what I have done so far. For those law-enthusiasts out there or everyone who might be prompted to ask what the heck is a case digest, I am sharing my work with you. Please take note that each digest is a synthesis of Supreme Court decisions and each of them may contain various topics or issues but since my subject for this digest is the Labor Law, I only included the issue/s related to the Labor Code of the Philippines. Please let me know if your think there should have been a better way of presenting the case and post it on my comment box.

Here are a few:

GRN 130866 SEPTEMBER 16, 1998 295 SCRA 494
Respondent Aricayos file a complaint for illegal dismissal to the Labor Arbiter. There being no employer-employee relationship, the petition was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Aricayos appealed to NLRC contending errors of the labor arbiter.

Whether r not the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over NLRC appeals?

First established in 1972, decisions of NLRC were declared to the appealable to the Secretary of Labor and ultimately to the President. But under the present state of law, there is no provision for appeals from NLRC decisions. The court held that there is an underlying power of the Courts to scrutinize the acts of such agencies on questions of law and jurisdiction even though no right of review is given by statute; that the purpose of judicial review is to keep the administrative agency within its jurisdiction and protect the substantial rights of the parties; and that is part of the checks and balances which restricts the separation of powers and forestalls arbitrary and unjust adjudications.
Subsequently, under RA 7902, effective March 1995, the mode for judicial review over NLRC decisions is that of a petition for Certiorari under Rule 65. The same confuses by declaring that the CA has no appellate jurisdiction over decisions falling within the appellate jurisdiction of SC, including the NLRC decisions.
Therefore, all references in the amended Section 9 of BP 129 to supposed appeals from the NLRC to SC are interpreted and hereby declared to mean and refer to petitions for certiorari under Rule 65. All such petitions should henceforth be initially filed in the CA in strict observance of the doctrine on the hierarchy of courts as the appropriate forum for the relief desired. The case was remanded to CA.

GRN 108556 NOVEMBER 19, 1996

The union filed with the NLRC arbitration branch a complaint on wage distortion. The labor arbiter ruled in favor of the Union while the NRLC Commissioner Zapanta reversed the same. The Union contends that the Mandarin Hotel filed its appeal three days beyond the reglamentary period.
Whether or not NLRC acquired jurisdiction to take cognizance of Mandarin’s appeal from Labor Arbiter.
The Court ruled that the Commission acted correctly in accepting and acting on Mandarin’s appeal. The employee who was authorized to receive payment was not around so the respondent was allowed to pay docketing fee on the next business day which was February 4, 1991. In view of the considerations and in the interest of justice was quite served when Mandarin’s appeal was given due course despite delayed payment of fees. . . the reglamentary period confers a directory, not a mandatory, power to dismiss an appeal…

GRN 47853 NOVEMBER 16, 1984
Petitioner demanded for a better working condition and the reinstatement of 9 dismissed workers. Upon refusal of the company, case elevated to the Labor Arbiter for conciliation. The case was certified to the defunct Court of Industrial Relation which issued a return to work order and enjoined the company from laying off as well as hiring new employees without authority from Court. However, the company dismissed and hired employees without authority. The union, through its secretary, entered into a compromise agreement with the company waiving all claims and counterclaims of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with the present case. September 20, 1976, NLRC served a write of Execution to enforce an order directing the reinstatement and back wages. Respondent claimed that subject case has already been dismissed by virtue of the Court’s agreement. CFI issued an order retraining the Sheriff from implementing the writ of execution. Individual complainants filed a motion however denied.
Whether or not petitioner members have the necessary legal personality to bring suit against respondents.

Although petitioner-members are not the original parties, they should not be deprived of their right to question the order of the CFI approving the compromise agreement since they are the ones who will stand to suffer and will greatly be prejudiced by the dismissal of the case. It is the individual members who would adversely affected in the event of the dismissal of the case after and extended litigation. The courts may set aside technicalities, all in the interest of substantial justice.
Generally, a judgment on a compromise agreement puts an end to litigation and is immediately executor. However, the rules require a special authority before an attorney can compromise the litigation of their clients. The authority to compromise cannot lightly be presumed and be duly established by evidence. Undoubtedly, the compromise agreement was executed to the prejudice of the complainants who never consented thereto, hence it is null and void. Money claims due to laborers cannot be the object of settlement or compromise effected by a union or a counsel without the specific individual consent of each laborer concerned. The beneficiaries are the individual complainants themselves. The union to which they belong can only assist them but not decide for them.
The fact that petitioners ceased to be connected with the company and the reinstatement may no longer be possible is no obstacle to the grant of the money claims to the petitioners considering that the money claim had already been adjudicated by final judgment.

GRN 58768 December 29, 1989

On February 6, 1974, Philippine Labor Alliance Council (PLAC) and Liberty Flour (Company) entered into a 3-year CBA effective January 1, 1974 providing for a daily wage increase of PhP2 for 1974. PhP1 for 1975 and PhP1 for 1976. The parties also agreed to establish a union shop by imposing “membership in good standing for the duration of the CBA…” as a condition for continued employment of workers. PLAC complained against the company for non-payment of E-COLA under PD 525. A similar complaint was filed on March 5, 1975, this time by petitioners who apparently were veering away from PLAC. Evaristo and Biascan, after organizing a union, filed for a certification election among rank-and-file employees, PLAC then expelled the two for disloyalty and demanded their dismissal by the respondent company, who complied on May 20, 1975. The claim for E-COLA was dismissed as it was already absorbed by the wage increases. The termination case in relation to back wages was also dismissed.
Whether or not E-COLA was absorbed in the wage increase and WON dismissal of Evaristo and Biascan was illegal.

The Company agreed to grant the emergency allowance even before the obligation was imposed by Government. What petitioner claim they are being waived is the additional allowance but the truth is they are not entitled to because they are already enjoying the stipulated increases.
As with the case of illegal dismissal, the CBA concluded in 1974 was certifiable and in fact certified in April 1975. Evidence show that after the cancellation of the registration certificate of the Federation of Democratic Labor Unions, no other union contested the exclusive representation of the PLAC. Consequently, there was no more legal impediment that stood on the way of its validity and enforceability of the provisions of the CBA entered into by and between company and union. Once it was duly entered into and signed by the parties, a CBA becomes effective as between the parties whether or not the same has been certified by BLR.

Just click on the link to see the entire case.
Reference websites:

Happy reading.

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First of all, let me inform the whole world that it was my first time ever to join a contest in the cyber world. Thanks to Her and History for that wonderful contest. It was an eye opener to me that there are other exciting ways of blogging, specially the contests. In real life, I can only name you at most three times I won in either contests or raffle draws. The first one, way back in my grade school days; second, when I one a coin bank from a government office and lastly, I won a blender. There you are... so pathetic I guess.

Now, I can blob to the whole world that I won in a contest. I did not have to win first prize, although it would have been better. Winning, earning EC points was too much for me to handle already. I may seem so exaggerated on this but it gives me a lot of bliss knowing that I WON!!! I actually WON in a contest and I am so excited about it. This is memorable to me that is why I am blogging about it. I also want to thank the following for promptly sending me my "earnings" at EC. My response to them is long overdue but here it is now. I want to thank you here BIGTIME!

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To All, thanks again and happy blogging. You just made my blogging day!

Lahing Pinoy - Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao knocks down Miguel Cotto
It was a great fight, I heard. Perhaps I was one of the few Filipinos who were not able to watch the fight of Pacman today (November 15, Philippine time). I got so exhausted from the past week, not to mention my almost sleepless state last night juggling between domestic chores and cracking brain cells on what the heck is wrong with our computers. It was just so much to bear for me, knowing full well that hours spent fixing the laptop and desktop at the same time led me to nowhere.

Alright, before I continue, let me first post here the lyrics of the song because as I was reading it, indeed, the song was just a repetition of "Lahing Pinoy" meaning Pinoy (slang for Pilipino, referring to the Filipino people) and Lahi meaning "race"

The translation of the song Lahing Pinoy by Manny Pacquiao:

Lagi kung itataas (I will always raise)
Bandila ng Pilipinas (the flag of the Philippines)
Saan mang sulok ng mundo (In any corner of the world)
Iwawagayway ko ito (I will wave it)

Kahit saan kahit kailan (Anywhere, anytime)
Basta't kung para sa bayan (As long as it's for the country)
Buhay ko ay ilalaan (I will spend/dedicate my life)
Sa lupa kong sinilangan (In the land where I was born)

Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Sumigaw ang pinoy... HOY! (Shout Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahat ng pinoy... HOY! (All the Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahi ng Pinoy sa mundo (The race of Pinoys in the world)

Lagi kung isisigaw (I will always shout)
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas (Long live the Philippines)
Ang bayan na pinagmulan (The country source)
Kaya ako ay malakas (that's why I am strong)

Dugong bayani ay taglay (Heroes' blood is in me)
Ang syang nalalalaytay (It is what's flowing)
Sa nag aalab kong kamay (Through my blazing hands)
Pag sumuntok todo bigay (It punches with all might!)

Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Sumigaw ang pinoy... HOY! (Shout Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahat ng pinoy... HOY! (All the Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahi ng Pinoy sa mundo (The race of Pinoys in the world)

Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko (is my race)
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Sumigaw ang pinoy... HOY! (Shout Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahat ng pinoy... HOY! (All the Pinoys... HOY!)
Ang lahi ng Pinoy sa mundo (The race of Pinoys in the world)

Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino
Ang lahi ko
Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipinooooo AKO.

(Pilipino, I am Pilipino)

I was able to watch the replay of the fight. I was actually expecting that this song will again be used upon the introduction of Pacman, like they did when he fought Hatton. It was that old "Rocky" them (or so I think) which was playing while Pacman was being introduced. Anyway, I stillw as not able to watch the fight (since I already know the result) because I had a more important appointment for the day. I slept while the rest of the kids at home, including my sister, were all watching the fight. Honestly, the schedule of the fight slipped my brain or was I just too confident that somehow Manny would win. Besides, it has always been my notion that the bulk of the pressure lies in Cotto who was defending his belt. The pressure was lesser on Manny so there I was confidently, calmly and soundly asleep. The slumber was very helpful, it made my headache, sinusitis and tired body go away.

When I woke up, I was already expecting a victory.

Manny Pacquiao is an epitome of a true Pilipino. His life resembles a lot of us here in the country who climbed to the top out of hardwork and perseverance. He was born poor, we all know that. A lot of succssful people around us came from nowhere and rose from being nobody. It was really more of hardwork and for Pacman, the biggest factor was God and his family who was very supportive.

I have all praises for Manny as a Pilipno, as a successful boxer. Who wouldn't? HOwever, somehow I pity him because he is being used by other people, the Politicians in our midst. I can sense in Manny that he wants to help a lot of FIlipino people that is why he took a chance at Philipine politics the last time. For me, it was an unwise move. Filipinos support and follow the boxing career of Manny, but politics would be a different ball game for him. I am not confident that people would support him in the political arena the way we support him inside the boxing ring.

For me, as a fighter, he is loved by the Filipinos. It would be different if he nters the Political world again. I, for one, do not like the idea of an icon like pacman, that his desire to help the country would be coursed through his political career. I am actually crossing my fingers that he will not again enter politics. I wan to see him, in the future, as the only person who raised the statur of the Filipinos in the middle of political chaos, corruption and moral degradation in the government. I just want to see him as the person who lifts the soul of the Filipinos in believing the the powerful provision of the Almighty. I want to see him as th source of inspiration to those young fighters, athletes and those who are becoming hopeless. He is by far the most desired Filipino of this time, desired by all poor Filipinos around the word, by politicians and by the religious people. He is indeed a reflection of what true Filipinos are.

To Manny, you are our pride, you are our Champion and Congratulations for all your triumph. I know God is with you. I know you are truly blessed and guided by the Holy Spirit. So may the peace of the Lord be always in your heart as the Filipino blood continues to flow on your veins.

Mabuhay kapatid!
(long live my brother!)


If Only - Leah Salonga

If Only - Lea Salonga

If only I could find a way to say the words
I've kept for a long time
Oh if only I could stay to make you
Feel the way I do
With us not parting I can

If only I could let you know
I love you so
Oh I love you so much
Oh if only I could find a way
To say it easily
Oh god, please let it be

If only we could have more time
To learn, to love, to know our feelings
If only time could slow down and in every minute
We are in each other's arms
Oh if only
Oh if only I can


If only we could have more time
To learn, to love, to know our feelings
If only time could slow down and in every minute
We are in each other's arms
Oh if only
Oh if only I can.....

I missed this song. I missed it for two reasons: I haven't heard it for quite a long time already and second, I was not able to find the record during those days. Luckily today, I found it on imeem. Truly, I miss this song but the memory it brings to me give back some joy in my heart. It is just "some joy" because this is a thing in my past. It's something I'd wish I could turn back... IF ONLY.

My brother and my cousins were my co-questers for this song. Its scarcity in the record bars made us more interested in finding it, until the urge died down since all resources fail. Haha! At the onset of modern technology, viola! I found it on imeem! I don't even get the chance to blog about it before because it was obliterated by my/our unsuccessful hunt for this song.

I am truly happy right now because I found the music and I am able to blog about this right now. Other than the lyrics of the song, it was our quest that made this song special to me. We really used all possible and avaialable resource back then just so we can have a copy of this song. We failed.

Have you read the lyrics of the song? I intended to write the lyrics ahead of this text so you would have the feel of it. The part of the song that strikes me most is this: "If only we could have more time to learn, to love, to know our feelings..." I know I had all the time to check on my feelings. I know we all do but I don't think I spent it wisely on knowing the feelings of the other person. The lyrics actually talked about "Our Feelings", not just "My Feelings". True to a relationship, it is reciprocal; it is a two way street; it is a give and take; it is you and me.

I spent so much time learning, loving my feelings. I was busy with my own, I neglect the other. A relationship is a team, it doesn't live with a single person. So you readers out there, beware. Relationship is for couples and as such, it is not just give and give, nor take and take. It is a mixture of everything. So if ever you will find someone whom you thin you are compatible with because you both love the NBA games, or both loved ice cream or both loved the beach, BEWARE! Compatibility doesn't really always work that way. Sometimes, there is more compatibility with variety. Like a wife loves to bake, the husband loves to garden. The male loves basketball, the female loves the boring cross stitching or something like that.

Learning to love our feelings sometimes lies in learning to appreciate the other person, your better half. Being focused is not the real deal here, but the two of you desiring the things so undesireable about the other. This can only be achieved when in those times you concentrate on your own happiness, try to squeeze in and internalize what things would bring happiness to the other one. There is always the other one because our feelings consist of "me and you". "Me" alone could not have saved the relationship. Neither "you" alone would be strong enough to resist the factors that wreck havoc to a relationship. It will always be "us", "we", "ours". IF ONLY we could spend more time together... IF ONLY we could truly fight for a relationship... IF ONLY we could really be together... IF ONLY "we"!

My love thoughts... my love in my thoughts right now.

Full of Blessings

Folks, I have been "off the hook" for quite some time already. I miss my virtual life, I miss my blogging spree and as much as I want to thank a lot of my blogging friends for making my blogging experience a lot of SUPER fun... I want to do it hereonce and for all (although a personal email is the norm, I am unable to do that as of the moment because of the lousy internet connection in the house. I am not even sure if I will be able to publish this.)

First, I would like to thank BURAOT for that wonderful job on entrecard dropping. The program was really helpful and I never thought I will be able to make 50 EC drops a day, with my way or time of using internet but because of the 300 drops program in the site, it was made possible. For the busy people out there, visit the site iamburaot.com, you will definitely enjoy your stay at their site. You know what made me feel more special? It was the surprise to find my blogsite in one of the batches of that site. Prior to this entry, Buraot and I had an email correspondence and boy, it was a good feeling to be able to help someone and the emotion got higher when I finally saw my blogsite appeared on one of the top batches of the EC program in buraot's. To me, it was more than winning a contest!

Speaking of contest... I was off the net about 3 days ago and imagine my suprise when I came back online and find that my EC account shoot up to another 4000 ECs!!! I still haven't replied on the blog contest sponsors of her and history who transferred EC accounts to me but as I've told Gene, the owner of the contest site, I will retain the sponsor widgets on my site until the end of this month or maybe until the year end since I enjoy seeing their badges displayed on my site. They will remind me of how wonderful my blogging expereince have become.

For a newbie like me, this is really something. This is what I mean when I said "Full of Blessings". As soon as my internet connections gets back to normal, I shall personally thank those bloggers who made me feel very special. For now, there is nothing left to say but....

(Thank you)

Hindi Ka Nag-IIsa - Noynoy Aquino Song

Composed by: Ogie Alcasid
Sung by: Regine Velasquez

Sasamahan ka namin (We will give you company)
Kahit paligid ay madilim (Even if the surrounding is dark)
Iilawan ang daan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan. (We'll light the path towards a better future)
Ika’y mamuno, kami ay susunod (You'll lead, we will follow)
pagkakaisa’y ating itaguyod (Unity, we shall advocate)
ang Pilipinas ay naghihintay (The Philippines is waiting)
handa kaming kumilos, handang umalalay. (We are ready to move/act, ready to assist)

Hindi ka nag-iisa sa paggising ng bayan (You are not alone in waking the country)
kami ay kasama, hindi ka mag-iisa. (We are with you, you are not alone)
Isasapuso ang dangal ng ating bayan (Instill in our hearts the integrity of the country)
Sa tulong at biyaya ng maykapal (With the help and blessings of the Almighty)

Magkakapit bisig, tayo… (Arm to arm, we...)
ituloy natin laban ni Ninoy at Cory, ng bawa’t mamamayan (shall continue the fight of Ninoy and Cory, of every citizen)
Pagmamahal natin sa bayan (love in our country)
‘wag na nating itago, ‘di tayo susuko (let us not hide, we shall not surrender)

Hindi ka nag-iisa sa paggising ng bayan (You are not alone in waking the country)
kami ay kasama, hindi ka mag-iisa. (We are with you, you are not alone)
Isasapuso ang dangal ng ating bayan (Instill in our hearts the integrity of the country)
Sa tulong at biyaya ng maykapal (With the help and blessings of the Almighty)
Magkakapit bisig, tayo… (Arm to arm, we...)
Sama-sama bawat Pilipino (We will be together, every Filipino)
Mula noon, ngayon at kailan pa man (Since then, now and forevermore)
'di ka nag iisa…… (You are not alone)

So you probably have heard or seen from youtube the advertisement of Senator Noynoy Aquino and living true to the new advocacy of this blog, I am giving you my own translation of this song. As always, I mixed the literal and the "summary" way of translating a Tagalog song to English. There are tagalog words that sounds awkward when translated in english (i.e. sama-sama where "sama" mean "join" or "come" and I used "we will come together" instead.) I hope it made sense and if you think there is the better way of translating it, I'm more than glad to accept your corrections. Anyway, above if the english translation of the song Hindi Ka Nag-iisa ("You are not alone", which reminded me of Michael Jackson).

You will notice from the advertisement some big stars. This is their way of showing support to Noynoy Aquino. The latter decided on taking the Presidential bet after some prodding from his allies. Of course, we all know that Senator Noynoy is the son of the former Senator Ninoy Aquino and the late President Cory Aquino. (It gives me goosebumps as I write this particular entry). The rest of the story is history.

Writing about the Aquinos means so much to me because I cannot help but recall my childhood days. Those are the days I thought that the real hero was Marcos. I actually equated him with some god or something, not really understanding the things of the past. It's not that I've grown to be anti-Marcos. I am not and I will not because I also recognize the good things he did to our country. Besides, he was once a president of this country and perhaps I would write another blog entry for him.

So going back to the Aquinos, particularly Ninoy and Cory, they are heroes to a lot of Filipinos. I still recall what Cory said in one interview. She said something like: "I thank God for making me a Filipino and be able to experience what it's like to be a Filipino" or something like that. To me, that sounded like the Christ giving thanks to God for making him human and at the same time, giving him the cup of suffering. That, I should say is what the Aquinos did. They had a lot of sacrifices for the Filipino people and they continue to do so, even at the point of death.

Now, their "only son" is running for Philippine presidency, as if they haven't done everything yet for the country. I truly admire this family, most especially the late president, for her religiosity and sincerity to help. Her life was such a blessing and a model for all Filipinos, for all mothers, for all women, and is worthy to be emulated by our politicians, especially the loud ones. She will always be special to me, being the first woman president in Asia, and the one I truly admire. I will never forget the pride she brought back to us when she stood firm to prove that a plain housewife can unite the country, lead it and gather the respect of the US politicians as she delivered her speech in the US Congress.

This is my simple way of showing my pride to my race, my gender, my language, my country which I love. I hope you'd appreciate the translations I did for you.


P.S. The other photo you posted above beside that of Senator Noynoy's is the current desktop wallpaper of my sister. It appeared so Filipino to me so I took the liberty of including it here. Thanks.

Maling Akala - Eraserheads

This is one song that greatly influenced my admiration to my best ever, favorite Eraserheads Band. They just had simple words but a person who is able to combine words and mix it with a wonderful tune possesses a good talent. You can quote me on that. They are like the re-cyclers. You know those "green movement" thing saying reduce, re-use, recycle where we make something out of garbage. For me, Eraserheads is like that. I am saying their song came from, not actually from garbage but from scratch, yet they manage to blend it with art.

It's one thing to have the drive to recycle, when it comes to environment, but it's another to recycle with an art in it. It is just so admirable for me. I love art too, like music is an art right? But the only art I can create is an abstract one, which only me who can appreciate and understand. Haha. I mean, what is the use of an art that cannot convey a message, even a tiny bit of message. So I let the talent die. Was it even a talent? LOL

"Maling akala" or I translated it as wrong presumption, is a common trait. I grew up with it and the saying "marami ang namamatay sa maling akala" is an aged by-word. It has become a by-word, common word, devoid of meaning but when the band sang it, it came back to life. Then again, the phrase "maling akala" just became a song because we have already learned. Somehow, people have learned that before judging a thing or giving reactions or before anything, we should first verify the accounts before we believe them. Most of the people I know, do. Some still lingers on "I thought he said this, but I was wrong" or something like that. That is a wrong presumption, and many die because of it.

Finally, long after Eraserheads, disbanded, a group called Brownman Revival made a hit when they produced their own version of this song. Definitely, it made my heart leap for a moment when I heard it on FM radio, and although I've realized and analyzed that it was not the original band that was singing, I still enjoyed it. Anything Eraserheads to my ear is bliss!

There you are. Please leave your comments.

Translation of the song
Maling Akala (wrong presumption)
by Eraserheads

May mga kumakalat na balita (There are new spreading)
Na ang misis ni kuwan ay madaling makakuha (That the wife of blank is easy-to-get)
Bago maniwala mag-isip-isip ka muna (Before we believe, you think first)
Marami ang namatay sa maling akala (Many die because of wrong presumptions)

'Di mo na kailangang mag-alinlangan (You don't need to hesitate)
Kung tama ang gagawin mo (If you will do the right thingg)
Basta't huwag kalimutang magdahan-dahan (Just don't forget to slow down)
Kung 'di sigurado sa kalalabasan (If you are uncertain of the result)
kalalabasan ng binabalak mo (The result of your plan)

Maliit na butas lumalaki, konting gusot dumarami (A small hole grows/becomes bigger, a little fold multiplies)
Hindi mo maibabaon sa limot at bahala (You cannot bury it in forgetfulness and come-what-may)
Kapag nabulag ka-hah-ng maling akala (If you are blinded by wrong or false presumption)

Nasa'n na ba ako? (Where I am?)
Kaninong kama 'to? (Whose bed is this?)
Ilang ulit na bang nagigising sa ibang kwarto? (Many times I woke up in another's room)
Naglalayas sa bahay akala madali ang buhay (I ran away from home, thinking life is easy)
Ngayon ay nagsisi dahil 'di nakapagtapos (Now, I am regretful because I didn't finish school)

May mga kumakalat na balita (There are new spreading)
Na ang kaligtasa'y madaling makuha (That salvation is easy to get)
Bago maniwala mag-isip-isip ka muna (Before we believe, you think first)
Marami ang namatay sa maling akala (Many die because of wrong presumptions)

Will You Still Love Me - Chicago

I was trying to find the music from imeem but to no avail. I just hope you know or still remember this song despite its absence in the airwaves lately. I do have a CD although I haven't synched it yet with my ipod, which I regularly use. I was trying to get a song from my past and this popped up.

This was a song contest piece of my brother's peers when we were still kids. Every summer break, which is from April to May, we spend our vacation with our very generous aunt in Manila. They lovingly accommodated us, most especially my eldest brother whom they have vocally acknowledged to be their favorite. Ooops, I'm done with bitterness okay? Of course his sibling envied him especially that all attention are in him. We had a lot of fun as kids too. It was my first "immersion" with Manila kids (as compared to kids from the province, that is from prim and proper to an urchin. Ahh, I just don't know what is the appropriate word for that.)

In the province, we were raised to wake up early in the morning. You should get off the body before the sun shows its rays; we eat breakfast together and we seldom have hotdog on the breakfast table. We had omelet, most of the time. Those kinds of breakfast table that I seldom eat now nor the kids of the new generation wouldn't appreciate. Then again, we eat dinner at around 5PM then we stayed inside the house before the bats start to hover above us. We don't live in caves, alright? I just remember seeing bats, few of them, I now wondered where they were heading.

In Manila, however, hotdog is a breakfast must! Kids tend to rise up any time they want, even when sun rays are all over their face. They manage to bear the heat of the sun in their face, plus the thought that they remain asleep despite the brightness of the sun. Likewise, kids eat anytime, regardless of who they eat with or they eat alone. That same scenario also happens in any meals of the day. And here's what really got me: kids in Manila get to enjoy the games in the evening when all the street lights are on minus the vehicles traversing the populate streets or "eskinitas" of Manila. It was an experience of a lifetime: to be able to play in the evening!

One particular evening that my brother's peers were all out was that one fiesta moment. I think it was a celebration on the feast of St. Thomas happening every May. There was a singing contest and one contestant is Maricel. I still don't know how to appreciate music then. I was just amazed with the idea that a friend of my brother would join a contest, which would I unlikely do. I don't even know a single dance step before.

Perhaps, I was just raised conservatively or I was just to afraid to explore, like a chick who's always beneath hear parent's wings. This was an eye-opener to me and since I am, as I always was, a slow learner, I started spreading my wings, the way Manila kids do. Was I proud? Do I really have to rejoice that I somehow adapted their culture? Why not? I am now a blend of city/province girl, to complain is of no moment.

As a final word: regardless of our upbringing, we are one.

Will You Still Love Me lyrics

Take me as I am
Put your hand in mine now and forever
Darling here I stand, stand before you now
Deep inside I always knew
It was you, you and me
Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny
It was you and you for me
Every road leads to your door
Every step I take for evermore
Just say you love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don't want to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
'Cause I can't go on
No, I can't go on
I can't go on
If I'm on my own
Take me as I am
Put your heart in mine, stay with me forever
'Cause I am just a man who never understood
I never had a thing to prove
'Till there was you
You and me
Then it all came clear so suddenly
How close to you that I wanna be
Just say you love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don't wan to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
'Cause I can't go on
No, I can't go on
I can't go on
If I'm on my own
Do you believe a love could run so strong?
Do you believe a love could pass you by?
There was no special one for me
I was the lonely one, you see
But then my heart lost all control
Now you're all that I know
Just say you love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don't wan to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
'Cause I can't go on
No, I can't go on
I can't go on
If I'm on my own
I can't go on
No, I can't go on
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
I can't go on
Without somebody I can call my own
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
Just stay around
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
I can't go on
If you could say your love
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
Stay around, you'll never be alone

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