If Only - Leah Salonga

If Only - Lea Salonga

If only I could find a way to say the words
I've kept for a long time
Oh if only I could stay to make you
Feel the way I do
With us not parting I can

If only I could let you know
I love you so
Oh I love you so much
Oh if only I could find a way
To say it easily
Oh god, please let it be

If only we could have more time
To learn, to love, to know our feelings
If only time could slow down and in every minute
We are in each other's arms
Oh if only
Oh if only I can


If only we could have more time
To learn, to love, to know our feelings
If only time could slow down and in every minute
We are in each other's arms
Oh if only
Oh if only I can.....

I missed this song. I missed it for two reasons: I haven't heard it for quite a long time already and second, I was not able to find the record during those days. Luckily today, I found it on imeem. Truly, I miss this song but the memory it brings to me give back some joy in my heart. It is just "some joy" because this is a thing in my past. It's something I'd wish I could turn back... IF ONLY.

My brother and my cousins were my co-questers for this song. Its scarcity in the record bars made us more interested in finding it, until the urge died down since all resources fail. Haha! At the onset of modern technology, viola! I found it on imeem! I don't even get the chance to blog about it before because it was obliterated by my/our unsuccessful hunt for this song.

I am truly happy right now because I found the music and I am able to blog about this right now. Other than the lyrics of the song, it was our quest that made this song special to me. We really used all possible and avaialable resource back then just so we can have a copy of this song. We failed.

Have you read the lyrics of the song? I intended to write the lyrics ahead of this text so you would have the feel of it. The part of the song that strikes me most is this: "If only we could have more time to learn, to love, to know our feelings..." I know I had all the time to check on my feelings. I know we all do but I don't think I spent it wisely on knowing the feelings of the other person. The lyrics actually talked about "Our Feelings", not just "My Feelings". True to a relationship, it is reciprocal; it is a two way street; it is a give and take; it is you and me.

I spent so much time learning, loving my feelings. I was busy with my own, I neglect the other. A relationship is a team, it doesn't live with a single person. So you readers out there, beware. Relationship is for couples and as such, it is not just give and give, nor take and take. It is a mixture of everything. So if ever you will find someone whom you thin you are compatible with because you both love the NBA games, or both loved ice cream or both loved the beach, BEWARE! Compatibility doesn't really always work that way. Sometimes, there is more compatibility with variety. Like a wife loves to bake, the husband loves to garden. The male loves basketball, the female loves the boring cross stitching or something like that.

Learning to love our feelings sometimes lies in learning to appreciate the other person, your better half. Being focused is not the real deal here, but the two of you desiring the things so undesireable about the other. This can only be achieved when in those times you concentrate on your own happiness, try to squeeze in and internalize what things would bring happiness to the other one. There is always the other one because our feelings consist of "me and you". "Me" alone could not have saved the relationship. Neither "you" alone would be strong enough to resist the factors that wreck havoc to a relationship. It will always be "us", "we", "ours". IF ONLY we could spend more time together... IF ONLY we could truly fight for a relationship... IF ONLY we could really be together... IF ONLY "we"!

My love thoughts... my love in my thoughts right now.

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