Dahil Mahal Kita - Boyfriends

Another Boyfriends song, although I think Vic Sotto also sung this one. Dahil Mahal Kita means "Because I love you". Nice song just in time for the Heart's Day!. This is the other song running in my head while thinking about the "love month" February. I can't help to be emotional in times like these.

Anyway, this song is a karaoke and videoke favorite during those days. The phrase that says "Dahil mahal kita handa akong magparaya" which is translated as "Because I love you, I am willing to give way". We lack this kind of attitude in a lot of ways, that is my opinion. We seldom could show our affection when we raise our voice, when we go out on our own, when we push our thoughts into somebody else, when we are simply proud of what we do or who w are. We seldom give way. We often give major credit to our own doing, to our own thoughts, to our own feelings without even realizing that the other person has feelings too.

In psychology, I think they call this "egocentrism" (if my memory serves me right.) I said this charged to experience. There are times we are stubborn, unmindful of the others. I always complain I am tired without thinking that they too may be tired, perhaps even scolded by their boss or their clients during office hours. I don't know, but I guess people are really self-centered. Who aren't?

I guess I am lucky to have seen people who tirelessly loved their spouses despite the other's shortcomings. I became aware of what the word "commitment" meant. I am trying to visualize myself in that kind of situation. Am I up for the challenge? Hmmmm... let's find out. But for now, read the lyrics below.

My Translation of the song:
Dahil Mahal Kita - Boyfriends
(Because I Love You)

Ano man ang sabihin nila (Whatever they say)
Ika'y patuloy kong mamahalin (I will continue to love you)
Maging sino ka man (Whoever you are)
Di na magbabago ang pag-ibig ko (My love will never change)

Dahil minamahal kita (Because I love you)
Walang makakapigil sa 'king damdamin. (Noone can stop what I'm feeling)

Upang ikaw ay ibigin ko ng lubos (So that I can love your enough)
Sasambahin lagi (I will always give you company)
Dahil mahal kita (Because I love yo)
Lahat ng bagay ay aking makakamtan (I can achieve everything)

At dahil mahal kita (And because I love you)
Manda akong magparaya (I am prepared to give way)
Kahit katumbas nito'y kasawian (Even if this means failure)
Dahil mahal kita (Because I love you)
Sa yo lamang liligaya (I will only be happy with you)
At di na muling iibig pa, haa! (And I will not love anymore)

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