Point of View - Joey Albert

This is another song by Joey Albert. This is the song for the very best sister in the world... I couldn't have made some good breaks in my life without her.

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Back in our younger years, we have loved Joey Albert and her songs. By "we", I mean my sister and me. There are times we just hum the song or actually sing them. We shared a lot of things: we washed clothes, take a bath together (we fill up the pale with water, use the dipper then just shower ourselves with it), we press our uniforms, we tickle each other before we go to sleep amd I don't recall any event where we hurt each other (I mean physically, even emotionally). I don't think I was ever envious about my big sister. We are completely different: she's tall, my mom call me plump; she's skinny, I'm chubby; she's friendly, I'm not - but we're both inteligent and wise (self-professed again!).

We were together most of our lives and we tell each other our problems. There are a lot of things I can tell her but not to anyone else. Now that we're older, before we both make decisions, we always ask for each others' point of view on things. That's the common thing between us. She tells me her problems, her opinion about things, our family problems, work relations and others. In return, I tell her what I think, what should have been and be done. She also knows my frustrations and gives me comforting words.

I'm glad I have the most wonderful sister of all. I love her so -so much that I love her kids as my own. (Well, I love all of my nephews and my nieces.) She has done a lot of things for me and for our family. Oh, and did I mention she's my best drinkin' buddy? Drinking is not the same when we don't do it together. We drink, we sing, we laugh, we tell stories and we have so much fun together... and that's until now... and I hope forever!

The song says: "We may have gone our diff'rent ways, But since we are the kind of friends who'll always stay no matter what the pain..."

That's my big sis! Isn't the world a wonderful place if you have someone you can talk to anything under the sun?


Joey Pacis said...

thank you do much! it means the world to me that i meant something to you!
your story will make me live on long after i'm gone... thank you!

never forget me : )
Joey Albert

Joey Pacis said...

it means the world to me that i meant something to you and will always be a part of your life : )

don't forget me...

Joey Albert