Shadow Dance - Poem Again

Sharing a poem from a friend.


I looked at you, long and deep
Wishing you'd rise from your sleep.
I gently held your soft hand
Needing you beside me to stand.

To the sound of our song, I asked
"May I please have this dance?"
You stood instantly without hesitation
So glad you heeded my invitation.

Feeling your body so close to me
Our slow dance calmed all my anxiety
For you know dancing isn't easy
More so asking to dance with my baby.

We danced in the darkness of night
Nothing around, no one in sight.
Just you and me on the dance floor
but still feeling sheepish after all.

I love our shadow as we danced
Thank you for this wonderful chance
To feel you close to me
To feel your heartbeat one with me.

We danced the evening away
No one else but our shadow in unity
This is for the love we share alone
but not for the world to know.

We had our shadow dance in the darkness
Like the love we have to hold in secret.
Nothing else to ask for once you're mine
And perhaps forever we'd dance, in time.


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