First Day Funk - Parokya ni Edgar

Alright, this song is about a student's first day in school.  June is the month for school here in the country.  

This song came out on TV screens as the theme song of a TV ad for deodorant and I found it so cool because this body odor is truly an experience of all especially teeners who still go to school.  (Talking from experience ok?).  

For this entry, let me talk about deodorants (or anti-perspirant, as you wish). 

Once upon a time, deodorants are still to be invented, there was an earth element called Aluminum Hydroxide (some say potassium alum or tawas).  When I was still a kid, they sell this in solid form, like the shape of a rock.  Older people admonished us, the kids of that time, to use tawas for elimination of under arm smell.  We did.

Then the time came when we can already afford to buy a commercial deodorant.  What ease it brought us.  Imagine just holding a stick under your arm then stroke or spray towards it.  Much user-friendly than a tawas; more elegant to use.

I don't recall how long was it since I last saw a tawas being sold in the market.  All I know, I stopped looking for it because of the wider availability of commercially offered deodorants in the supermarkets.  Fast forward to the future... in one of the department stores in our locality, there was a powdered tawas on display in their shelves.  Instantly, I grabbed the merchandise because they are selling it in powder form and you has the choice of either the scented or unscented one.

You just have to apply a tiny amount of the powder in your underarms and you will not get an instant result, of course.  There were days when despite the use of generous amount of the powder, I could still smell that odor under my arms.  I thought I will be frustrated with my sudden change of brand.  Well, after a few months of using it, I noticed the lack of that smell in my arms.  There was a day when I forgot to apply the powder and there was no "disaster".  So intentionally not apply the powder the following day and the same consequence.  Three weeks there after, I still get the same result.

Now, I feel freedom! Freedom from smell, freedom from inconvenience, freedom from expenses (on deodorant or tawas use).  I hope this phenomenon in my body will keep going.  Should the odor come back, I still have supply in my cabinet, no worries.

I am sharing this with you because I think this is truly cool.  I hope you will get something out of my testimony.  If you have an experience with tawas, adverse or not, please feel free to share by clicking the comment button below.  

As for now, enjoy the lyrics of the song which I translated for you.

First Day Funk - Parokya ni Edgar
Let's do the funk 
Let's do the first day funk 

First day of school dapat cool na cool!  (dapat = must be)
Mas cool pa sa tubig ng swimming pool!  (Cooler than the water in swimming pool)
Dapat talaga maganda na agad ang pasok (First entry must be really good)
Pagpasok mo ng classroom, dapat umuusok!  (Entering the room must be with smoke)

Wag na wag kang mapapraning! (Don't be ever fooled)
Sagot kita! diretso ang tingin!  (I got your back, look straight)
Di dapat maatat na mapansin, (You must not be too eager to be noticed)
Kahit hot lahat, dapat chill pa rin! (Even if everyone is hot, you should still chill)
Hinding hindi yumuyuko, kahit na nakaupo! (You never bow, even when seated)
Di ko sinasabi na dapat maging mayabang. (I'm not saying that you should be boastful)
Pero dapat di ka mahiyain na halaman? (But you must not be as shy as a plant)
Confidence chong, lakas loob! (Confidence bro! Strong self-esteem)

Wag na wag kang patataob (Never be overturned)
Kahit sa tapat ng maganda mong kakalase! (Even in front of a pretty classmate)
Mas lalo na sa prof mong mukhang salbahe!?dance! (especially with the prof who looks vicious! dance!)

Let's do the funk 
Let's do the first day funk 


Itaas ang kamay, iwagayway (Raise your hand and wave)
Salute the prof at sabay kaway?  (Salute the prof then wave)
Mag-classmate high-5 lang kayo (If you are classmates, just high five!)
Now don't be shy, kwela skwela 'to  (now don't be shy, this is cool school)
Just raise your hand kung may sagot  (Just raise your hand if there is an answer)
If you don't know the answer, eh di lagot! (If you don't know the answer, beware!)
Just erase the board, at magsayaw (and dance)
Lagyan ng funk ang pag-galaw sayaw! (Put funk in your moves, dance!)

Let's do the funk 
Let's do the first day funk 

May dumating na isang babae! (There arrives a woman)
Sobrang hottie na ka-klase, (so hot a classmate)
Sya'y lumapit at nag "hi" (She approaches and says "hi")
Ako nama'y napakaway? (And I waved)
Akala ko ako ang kanyang kinakawayan (I though she was waving at me)
at hindi ko inakala na ang nasa likuran!? (and I didn't thought it was someone at my back)
Kahit na napahiya, hindi ako kinakabahan! (Although I was embarrassed, I didn't get nervous)
Wala na tong ibang mapupuntahan. sayaw! (This will go nowhere, dance!) 

Let's do the funk 
Let's do the first day funk 

(repeat refrain) 

Let's do the funk 
Let's do the first day ..

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