Don't Fade Away - Acosta Russell

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When it comes to our big clan, this is one of our most memorable songs. This reminds us of a very tragic event and I can't help but experience goosebumps each time I recall this part of our history.

This is a story of my cousin Emil, who left his earthly being at an early age because of an accident. I can describe him as a responsible person, very far from his siblings. He had great respect for his parents and he felt all the agony that befall their family. At an early age, he was forced to wrok in order to support his family and somehow save for his own future and siblings. I don't wanna dwell so much on this sad story.

I wasn't really there all the days of his life but I knew him since childhood. He used to be this bully person, hard headed and everything that a young lad could be. He worked as a bartender and he often gets drunk before he could serve the customers because of the nature of his work. He's also a friendly person. His townmates like him so much and even if those friends made it to another place, they remember him. Then it was time for him to meet his Maker... we are just glad he left us with this memory and left us this song that he used to sing with his guitar.

At the mass, all his cousins sung this song as our farewell song. This was the only time all cousins were there singing in one voice, all offering their talents to this great cousin of ours. His momories won't fade away!

I tried to look for this music.
Dont Fade Away - Acosta Russell

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