American Pie - Don McLean

This is a very famous song. I just recently learned that Roberta Flack's rendetion of Killing Me Softly (with his song) is a song about Don McLean while he is singing American Pie. There are a lot of websites there avaialable to give you the meaning of this song. As for me, this is how my story goes:

I have been meaning to write about this song because this song reminds me of the person who made this blog site for me. I told her my idea, never intended that she'll be spending like 48 hours to create this site.

She's my dad's cousin but within my generation, we're 4 years apart. She used to have a huge collection of turntable records (I'm not really sure how they are called right now because they have been replaced by CDs, mini CDs and DVDs). It was an awe to see a turntable, the fact being that I grew from a far-flung area. We only knew about transistor radios, black & white TVs and a game called hide n' seek.

One of her collection was that of Don McLean. I first heard of this song from my aunt's collections. I appreciated it, but didn't bother to know the story behind this song. I would say she is a big fan of this artist. She has a good choice of music, you know. And she is the only person I knew who was so organized in things. She organized her collections, labeled them neatly and knew the contents of her collection by heart! When the first part of the movie series American Pie (Jason Biggs) came to the big screen, I instantly remembered my aunt. The reason being, she practically inculcated this song in my mind. I appreciated the song, not for it's lyrics or singer. I appreciated it because deep within me, I know this one will always tell me a story about my childhood days with my aunt.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to talk about songs and music. Music connects the past and the future, like music lives forever!

Enjoy the music!

American Pie - Don McLean

I put here a link where you can find the lyrics.

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