Complicated - Avril Lavigne

If you see me with a microphone, in a videoke bar or in the house, definitely, this is one of the songs on queue.

Lyrics | Complicated lyrics

This is a story not about anybody else but me. You see, a lot of people misunderstand me. I am indeed a quiet person and when you hear me laugh or talk too much, it just means I'm trying to socialize, which is not really like me. I used to be a loner. I'd rather be with myself because I love to think. What do I normally think about? I think about my moves, I day dream, I think about my days in the sea where everything is calm. I recall my dreams, I regret a few things and thought I could have done something better. I think about the past so that I won'd fall on the same pit again. I just thought everything would be simple if life would just be about me. There would be no complications.

But in a world of "interconnected-ness", I learned that indeed, "no one is an island". That is the main reason why we have to socialize, meet people and talk to them. I could meet with people but I don't know how to start a conversation. If I do, expect dead air after my second sentence because I have nothing else to ask, I have nothing else to say and I think about various things then my mind will just go blank. Then I thought... what if this happens in a courtroom, where I am already a practicing lawyer? When after my second question, I'd say, "I have nothing further, your honor"! (This is so future but questions like this pops up). Aha! There goes another thing to consider -my schooling! This is my childhood dream and maybe I just want to fulfill that. Maybe I just wanted the title and who knows luck would be on my side this time.

Honestly, I do have the tendency to make things so complicated. I just don't get to enjoy things in themselves. I still have to consider the pros and the cons. You might ask, what's wrong with that? There are people who just enjoys doing things, they enjoy themselves, they enjoy what they do no matter what other people say. I take things seriously, I take criticisms wholeheartedly because I am a people pleaser. I will try to satisfy my friends, do everything for my family, I will do what others think is right, I will socialize regardless if I'm not being myself and I will go beyond my means if pressed with a crisis. See how complicated I make my life?

This are the choices I make and this is me. My choices... my decisions are mine and if I break down or tear apart -happens once in a blue moon- I don't blame anybody. I just put it on me because I don't want to bother anybody else. But if you happen to have learned about my story, if you knew any of my darkest secrets, if I told you what I've been through and still you're there, I'd say, we had a connection and accept my grtitude for bearing with me (wink!).

So there you are... This is a song about my life, my complicated life. This is my life's theme song.

This is from imeem:
Complicated - Avril Lavigne

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