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I missed Billy Joel because I am also a big fan! I came to learn of this song when I was alone in Manila. If you happened to read my previous blog (Complicated), I am a "loner" so when I lived by myself, my routine was just work and home and vice versa. While I was alone, I felt so scared and there were a lot of lonely nights. One time I got scared when there was a house burning, in the middle of the night, on the other street. I didn't know what to do and so I just prayed. Most of the time, my music gave me company. During my lonesome days, one of the albums that my CD player kept playing was Billy Joel's and I comprehended the lyrics of the song.

Despite my fear, my lonely nights and my solitary ways, this song gave me comfort because it gave me a confrimation I needed: THIS IS MY LIFE!

That's me! I wanted to spend sometime with my life and I don't care what other people say... at least I tried not to care most especially when they did not understand what is going on in my head. This song gave me a consolation for being left alone and yes, solitary. I can't count the days I was alone and hoping somebody would come along and give me company.

Thankfully, somebody dropped by and stayed with me for a while. She's my officemate who shared an apartment with me. I experienced camaraderie and in fact, we established a good relationship that after she left our workplace for greener pasture abroad, we still get in touch. Then I was back to MY LIFE!

Being alone was liberating and at the same time. it's a sad phase in anyone's life. It was one thing when you were left alone to decide for yourself, and another whe you are left alone physically -no family within hand's reach, no person to return my smile, nobody to wrap my arms around to... just no one in sight! So I had developed a connection with this song... it was my way of life... this is me... This is MY LIFE! And to all who have left me... to be with myself, thank you. I found myslef because you left me... Bitter? Of course not! Thankful? You bet!

My Life - Billy Joel

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