Realize - Colbie Caillat

My cousin is going out of town to be with her husband and told me I should write about this song. This is a new song, as far as I'm concerned because it's sung by a new singer, the famous Colbie! I asked her, her own story of this song and told me to just read the lyrics. Alright, I've read the lyrics and maybe, she's just trying to tell me something. She's always difficult to understand but when you get to understand her, she's just full of wonder, full of sense, full of fun and full of everything I miss about her.

I realized just right now that she has been more than a sister to me, more than a cousin and more than a friend. If there is one word I could say about her, if you will not misunderstand me - soulmate. Yeah, that's what I feel right now. Why did I say this?

Without a word, she understands me. She just understands! And now she's leaving, I'll miss her for sure but I will rejoice for her, the fact that she'll be living with her husband now. I know her husband, he's a good man and a very sincere person. We got the chance to be together and I am just happy that he loved my cousin more than anybody else.

As for his song... I got her point! But let me tell you... we had the time of our lives!!!

If she'll gonna read this when you get to your place, I will bear this in mind. I know you're reading my mind and I'm thankful I have you! You take care now! I know he's gonna take care of you more than I took care of you. Love you cuz!

This is the song you're leaving me with and I figured out what you're trying to tell me. That's the story behind this song... let's realize!

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realize - colbie caillat

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