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I first heard of this song back in high school, when my big brother and sister were still singing with the church choir. We went to a catholic school together, even my youngest brother Matt (but due to financial difficulties of our parents, public school was forced upon him. That time both our big brother and sister were already in college). So I guess my story about this song is my siblings. They are in fact my first friends despite the normal sibling rivalry.

I believe your sibling are your first friends because you get to share the same sorrow when parents impose upon children the do's and don'ts in the house. However, most often than not, jealousy and hate come to picture. "Why do I always get the hand me downs? Why do I need to wash the dishes after dinner? Do I really have to obey my older sister and brother all the time?" Such questions definitely floated in my head back then. Now I can say, that is all part of growing up and one will never really know what a friend is unless you feel neglected, isolated and left alone. I always point that to "my law of opposites".

Incidentally, one of my favorite bible verses talks about friends: "A friend is loving at all times, and becomes a brother in times of trouble." (Basic English Version, Proverb 17:17) and I believe that. No matter how many times you inflict pain on your brother/sister, they will always understand. No matter how many times you will have disagreements, we will always find a way to forget the negative vibrations and continue on with life. Besides, we were raised to be open-minded, loving and understanding. This is one of the reasons I love my family.

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The inner circle of our friends indeed is comprised of our siblings. I grew up to have a sister and four brothers. In the family, my best friend is my brother, one who came before me. As kids, we get to have all the fun, we went to school together, his things are my things, when we eat, he would gladly give some of his share when I'm still not stuffed. When we grew up and need to earn a living for ourselves he would work nearby even at the expense of changing his employer. We're accustomed to the rule we unconsciously set for ourselves, "where you go, I go."