Love Has Come My Way - Heart Evangelista

Love Has Come My Way - Heart Evangelista

This is a story about my prettiest niece: Nicolle!

I will always remember this song because of her. We were living in an apartment in manila before. She was still around 4 years old. We played the cd that contains this song and for the longest time it has been played, my pretty niece learned about this song.

One time when I came home from work, my sister, her mom, asked her to sing. To my surprise, she sang this song. The sound of her voice singing this song was very heavenly. Imagine hearing this song interpreted by a little girl like my Nicolle.

Well, what will make this blog extra special is that Nicolle is my first niece and I remember putting her to sleep when her mom was in the office, working. I would carry her, sing her songs and put her to sleep. She was the first baby girl of our family and that is incomparable. She now has a baby sister and when I carry this baby, baby Chezka, I still recall those days I was carrying my Nicolle.

The lyrics here:
The sun is down it's a gloomy day
My hair is ugly and it looks like hay
I feel so lousy, I could fade away
But its ok Because Love has come my way

My pretty dress won't fit to my dismay
And all I wanna do is sing and play
I'm super lazy, need some brewed Caffee.
But It's ok Because love has come my way

Love, love has come my way
Everything is gonna be ok
And it will always be a happy day
Because love has come my way

All my fears and troubles fly away
When I think this love is here to stay
And you may say this is just an cliche, sure it's ok
Because love has come my way

(Repeat Chorus)
I just know we'll never go astray
I'm sure until the day our hair turns gray
Life will be as pretty as a bouquet
That's the love true love that came my way

Love, love has come my way
Everything is gonna be ok
And it will always be a happy day
Because love has come my way

One Way Ticket

Happy year 2009 to all!

I have been out of the blog system for a while. But I have been planning to write about this next song which will always remind me about my childhood. So here it is.

I remember clearly this song was played several times when I was still a kid. We were on the western part of the country. As kids, we were mostly surrounded by our oldies and during night time, televesion were still scarce by then, we would gladly listen to the radio and this song is played so much so that I was able to memorize its lyrics.

Growing older, when I hear this song, I remember soldiers marching outside our house. I am not really sure if they were indeed soldiers or the so-called "vigilante". That was the time Martial Law in the country was still in force. My younger years taught me so much, so much that my sister could hardly believe I still have those memories within me that includes memories when I was barely 4 years old.

If I were to recall my past, this is one song I would always remember it with. When I hear this song, I always see myself -that little kid with so much smile, enthusiasm and vigor- just few of those things we always miss when we're getting older.

Here's the song:

One way ticket - Boney M

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