Fly With Me - Church song


When you try to dream and fly but never reach the sky. Do you ask yourself, do you ever wonder why? Then you close your wings and hide, you never want to see the sky. 

Can’t you see the children playing, running under the sun? Can’t you hear them singing with hearts and voices as one? `Cause they believe in love, they believe in love! 

Refr. Come with me to the sky, let us fly! Open up your wings an well shall go up high! Just believe that you and I will fly together, if we are one, we can fly beyond the sky! 

//:Only love can make you free and simple as a child, and you never fear `cause you know someone’s at your side. Our strength is unity, so come an fly with me:// Refr. 
//:Come with me to the sky and fly with me:// (3x) //: Fly with me :// (fade out)

I attended the mass sponsored by one of the government agencies here.  This song was lined up by the choir which they sung during the communion. I had goose bumps as soon as I figured out that I am so familiar with the song which I haven't heard for such a long time!

When I was in college, i knew I was a "junk" because I didn't know where to go. I tried everything one could ever imagine only to end up debunking my religion, including the negation of God's existence.  I did all things which I thought I could manifest human strength and superiority... and naturally, my spirit died.

When one's spirit dies, no action would seem to become right; no decision would turn out to be great; no word would turn to be helpful. Nothing. One wakes up not knowing where to go, what to do or whom to go with. It was a very boring, deafening, killing and solitary life although you are surrounded by people you think your friends.

Friends may be physically there with you but because your outlook have gone awry, no one can understand you; no one to talk to; no one to hang on to- not even your family.

I was in deep slumber. I shied away. I was only with few people whose interest I could hardly get into my system. That was me before.

I have flown above the clouds and it was amazing. Of course I meant that I boarded the plane and looked at the awesome creature of God which I couldn't have experienced if I denied the revival of my spirit.  I  fly a lot lately that is because God has given me back my strength and continuously equip me to put my head high while my heart is still under His control.

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Anonymous said...

do you know where to find a recording of the song? I really love the song but I'm not sure about the keys when I sing it. :(