Water From the Moon - Celine Dion

Probably not a lot of people knows this song, not even my closest friends or family but this is a great song. I shouldn't have known about this song if not for this person. She was the first person I approached when I planned to join the school's varsity team. We became close and I even urged her to teach me to smoke (and I failed). Before she'd graduate from UP, she made it to the Military school and four years later, she topped her class. We were even prouder. This song will always remind me of her.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was watching MTV of Celine Dion and so I remembered all her songs from my college days. I remembered "If I Were You", "I Love You, Goodbye", "Beauty and the Beast" etc. and I recalled how did I ever get to learn about most of THE Celine Dion's songs. Then I remembered my friend, we called her "Cru". Unfortunately, this friend of mine just passed away due to a vehicular accident. That's the reason why I should've been sleeping by now but I'm doing this post.

I've known her as a strong person yet hearing her falling in love with this song made me realize that she is an emotional person after all. Who wouldn't? Read the lyrics and listen to the song at the bottom of this post.

And right now, I can't help thinking about her. I was hoping to see her and talk to her once again during our Homecoming set for tomorrow (December 5 and 6) but I know she really had to rest now. I will try to enjoy the grand celebration tomorrow which we have been planning for a few months now. But it will not be as happy knowing that we lost yet another great person in our midst.

To you and your big heart "Cru"... you're in our hearts!

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