Tanging Yaman - Carol Banawa

I associate this song with a Pilipino movie of the same title. It was about family, relationships and values. I believe this song is a Bukas Palad Music Ministry original song. I had the chance to mingle with the group when they had a concert here in Dagupan last February. The community I belong to, And Lingkod ng Panginoon - Dagupan Branch, was the sponsor of the concert. I arrived early at the concert venue and was assigned to secure the room of the group Bukas Palad. Bags, guitar, food and bread were all over. I was just told to sit inside the room and look after their belongings because strangers might come in.

I was really embarassed that time because I was just there in the corner. I cannot mingle with the group because I didn't know a single soul in that room. Despite that, I had fun listening to their songs, all the songs they sung. They are really adorable and they had great voices... my heart couldn't help but leap. It didn't beat. haha!

This song is just very short but it means so much to me. It talks about my Saviour, my God and my all.

Here is my translation:

Ikaw ang aking Tanging Yaman (You are my only treasure)
Na di lubasang masumpungan (Which I cannot fully comprehend)
Ang nilikha mong kariktan (The loveliness you created)
Sulyap ng 'yong kagandahan (A view of your beauty)

Ika'y hanap sa t'wina, nitong pusong (My heart longs for you)
Ikaw lamang ang saya (You are my only joy)
Sa ganda ng umaga, (In the beauty of the morning)
Nangungulila sa'yo sinta (I long for you)

Ika'y hanap sa t'wina, (I always search for you)
Sa kapwa ko kita laging nadarama (In my fellow, I always feel you)
Sa iyong mga likha, (With your creations)
Hangad pa ring masdan ang 'yong mukha (I still long to see your face)
KARIKTAN - is "Karikitan" which also means beauty, but this normally refers to a beautiful lady. It was just awkward to use the word "pretty-ness" so I used beauty and loveliness interchangeably.
GANDA - is literally translated as beauty
TUWINA - Its like "Every now and then"

Tanging Yaman - Carol Banawa and Bukas Palad choir

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  1. John Richardson Says:

    thanks Carol - I will print your heartfelt translation next to the tagalog words on our Mass sheet to show the adoring love of God in this beautiful song. (Most mass attendees are not Filino)
    And I have also met"Bukas Palad" in a concert at St Colombo church. Maryland, USA. Jaime signed my souvenier book-"To our Puting admirer." John Rich

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