Natutulog Ba ang Diyos - Gary Valenciano

This is always a question to us, who are often confronted with problems or with difficulties. I remember the remarks of my cousin during the burial of his father, my mother's paternal cousin, last year. He was murdered in front of his house, in the presence of his wife. This is such a moment when one cannot help but ask the rpesence of God. Where is God in moments like those?

My cousin, Eleazar, bursted in tears and grappling for some words to say, said God abandoned my family. The big question really is: Is God sleeping?

I realized it is very common for us people to blame God for all our miseries in life. I remember asking the same question when my cousin Jenny died. I was deeply sad and angry, and convinced myself that God is not really perfect. I blamed him for what happened, albeit not for long. As I age, I know everything happens for a reason. I still don't know the exact reason but I know there is one.

At present, I have already turned around from the old self, the agnostic one... the unbeliever. It was just a "leap of faith" which I really didn't have to explain how it happened. It just happened that I wake up one morning and told myself... "There is God, as sure as I wake up in the morning and find that the sun is shining." It was my faith... it is until now. I will always look for Him as my company, my light, my path.

God doesn't sleep, He just blinks. When He does, we are on our own and make the best of it so when He sees us again, He'll still recognize us... as His children.

Bakit kaya, bakit ka ba naghihintay (Why, why are you still waiting)
Na himukin pa, pilitin pa ng tadhana (to be persuaded, forced by fate)
Alam mo na kung bakit nagkakaganyan (You already know why it is happening)
Lumulutang, nasasayang and buhay mo (Floating, wasting your life)
At ang ibinubulong ng iyong puso (and your heart is whispering)
Natutulog ba ang Diyos, natutulog ba? (Sleeping, is God sleeping?)

At ikay ay kaagad sumusuko (And you give up right away)
Konting hirap at munting pagsubok lamang (A few hardship, a little challenge)
Bakit ganyan, nasaan and iyong tapang (Why like that, where is your courage)
Naduduwag, nawawalan ng pag-asa (You become coward, you're losing hope)
At iniisip na natutulog pa, natutulog pa ang Diyos (and you're thinking He is still sleeping, Is God sleeping?)
Natutulog ba? (Is he sleeping?)

Sikapin mo, pilitin mo, tibayan ang iyong puso (You try, force yourself, strengthen your heart)
Tanging ikaw and huhubog sa iyong bukas (Only you are shaping your future)
Huwag sanang akalaing natutulog pa ang Diyos (And don't think that God is still sleeping)
Ang buhay mo ay mayroong halaga sa Kanya. (Your life has value in Him)

Dapat nga ba na ikaw ay maghintay (Is it a must that you wait?)
At himukin pa, pilitin pa ng tadhana (and be persuaded, be forced by fate)
Gawin mo na, kung ano ang nararapat (Just do it, do what ought to be done)
Magsikap ka at magtiwala sa Maykapal (Work hard, and trust the Almighty)
Nakahanda ang Diyos umalalay sa 'yo (God is ready to assist you)
Hinihintay ka lang, kaibigan (He is just waiting for you my friend)

Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos - Gary Valenciano

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