Dadaanin Ko Na Lang sa Kanta - 14K

This is another Ryan Cayabyab masterpiece which became a hit in the airwaves sometime in the 90s or even before that. There was a kiddie group back then, all composed of kids from their elementary years. I remember a Jeffry Hidalgo and Geneva Cruz, who became singers in their own right when they decided to go solo. The name of their group was called 14k and some of the few members left formed another group called "Smokey Mountain".

The message of this song is really nice and although I haven't heard of it for quite some time now, I can still sing it, together with my sister. We have somehow retained the lyrics of the song in our minds because it is truly a wonderful song. It roughly says: "Singing is my means to get along with life's problems and loneliness".

I like it because the kids sang it and you know how kids sing. It's like they are professional singers even at a young age because they can rech high notes of a song. I also remember Ryan Cayabyab used to make these kids sing in Acapella so they are really experts at getting their own notes and have them blend with the other kids during a concert or at the recording.

Ahh, here is another benefit of music: we tend to forget our problems when we sing. Thanks to our music!

Here is the lyrics and my own translation:
Ang buhay ay laging may lungkot at saya, ganyan ngang talaga (Life is always sad and happy, it is like that)
kung bakit kakambal lagi ang problema sa tuwina (It is always coupled with problems)
kung ikaw naman ay magmumukmok, dadami lamang ang mga kulubot (But if you will throw tamtruns, you'll have more wrinkles)
tatanda ka't puputi ang 'yong buhok (You'll grow old and have white hairs)

ang awit at himig na 'yong naririnig ay nagpapasaya (This song and tune you listen to gives happiness)
sa pusong nalulungkot at laging mayroong problema (to a heart that is lonely and is always problematic)
'di lahat ng araw ay kabiguan, bukas ang ngiti na may makakamtan (Not all the days is a failure, tomorrow a smile will be achieved)
heto lamang ang naiisip kong paraan (This is the only way I can think of)

dadaanin ko na lang sa kanta (I'll make way for singing)
dadaanin ko na lang sa tawa (I'll make way for laughters)
ang lahat, pati na ang problema (for everything, even the problems)
bawat sandali bigyan mo ng ngiti (Give a smile to any moment)
kahit man ito ay sandyang sasandali (Even if it is just for a short while)
sumabay sa kanta, sama-sama tayo ay magsaya (join me in my song, together, we will have fun)

ang awit at himig na 'yong naririnig ay nagpapasaya
sa pusong nalulungkot at laging mayroong problema
'di lahat ng araw ay kabiguan, bukas ang ngiti na may makakamtan
heto lamang ang naiisip kong paraan


dadaanin ko na lang...
dadaanin ko na lang...
dadaanin ko na lang sa kanta...


Brienne said...

This is really a great song.

JONA said...

naghahanap ako kung san to pwede idownload wala akong makita, maganda kasi yang song na yan e.

SongDiary said...

hi Jona,
i have an old copy of that song. Pwede na pagtyagaan. I can send it to your email if u want.

Mike said...

I've posted a video of the song at I hope you'll enjoy it :)

bullet26 said...

who are the original members of 14K?

SongDiary said...

bullet26 i remember Geneva Cruz and Jeffrey Hidalgo as members but I am not really sure if they were the pioneers. hope this helps.

fatz647 said...

I really love all the 14K songs. I can still memorize all of them. It's indeed a masterpiece where all I can remember are all happy memories from my childhood. I really hope thta one of these days, radios will play them.

Anonymous said...

I know one original member of 14k she's my pamangkin her name is Donna Mae Tiongson-jordan she's a mother of 2 now and a successful lawyer