Kumusta Na - Yano

This is the picture:

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba (How are you? Still Okay?)
Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba (Our life, can you still make it?)
Eh kung hinde, paano na (If not, how?)
Ewan mo ba, bahala na? (You don't know? Whatever?)

Napanood kita sa tv, sumama ka sa rali (I saw you on TV, you joined the rally)
Kasama ang mga madre, pinigilan mga tangke (Together with the nuns, stopping the tanks)
Umiiyak ka pa sa harap ng mga sundalo (You were crying in front of the soldiers)
Namigay ka pa ng rosas na nabili mo sa kanto (You handed roses you bought from the corner)

Dala-dala mo pa, estatwa ni Sto. Nino (You were carrying statue of Sto. Nino)
Eskapularyo't Bibliya, sangkatutak na rosaryo (Scapular, Bible, a lot of rosaries)
At sa gitna ng EDSA, lumuhod ka't nagdasal pa (And in the middle of EDSA*, you knelt and prayed)
Our Father, Hail Mary from thy bounty thru Christ our Lord amen

Pebrero, bente-sais nang si Apo ay umalis (February 26 when Apo** left)
Ngiti mo'y hanggang tenga (Your smile was ears-wide)

Sa kakatalon, napunit pa'ng pantalon mo (You kept jumping, you torn your jeans)
Pero hindi bale, sabi mo, marami naman kame (Never mind, you said, we are many)
Kahit na amoy pawis, tuloy pa rin ang disco sa kalye (We may smell all sweat, street dancing/disco goes on)

Nakita kita kahapon, may hila-hilang kariton (I saw you yesterday, pulling a wooden cart)
Huminto sa may Robinson, tumanga buong maghapon (You stopped by Robinson, blank stares)
Sikat ka noon sa tibi kase kasama ka doon sa rali (You were famous in TV because you took part during the rally)
Pero ngayo'y nag-iisa, naglalakad sa may EDSA (But now you're alone, walking in EDSA)

Ewan mo ba, bahala na (You don't know, whatever)
Bahala na, bahala na (Whatever, Whatever)

Here are important words for this song:

*EDSA - Epifanio delos Santos Ave, a mainstream road connecting almost all of the cities/towns of Metro Manila. It is more famous for EDSA People Power in 1986

**APO - It is an Ilokano word denoting respect, commonly associated with the late President Marcos who hailed from the Ilocos region.

BAHALA NA - is a favorite word of Filipinos. I'd say this is equivalent for the phrase "Que sera sera"

ROBINSON - is a mall along EDSA which served as the gathering point of people during the people power. This is the building behind the famous EDS Srhine.


This day in 1983, Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino was assassinated upon leaving the plane in Tarmac of the Philippine Airport. In 1986, his wife Corazon Aquino, together with people power, was able to oust Ferdinand Marcos who held on to the presidential seat for more than 20 years.

23 years ago, we Filipinos really felt victorious. I was only 10 back then and perhaps the turning point in my life which made me become curious of what really happened to this country. For the first time in my life, I gained social and political awareness. I remember I was spending my vacation in my relative's place at Makati. I was really afraid and thought a was would spring. This song, which became popular in the 90s, reminded me of a lot of scenes during the EDSA Revolution, which we fondly call.

This song is telling me now that there has never been a revolution. We are as we were before EDSA. Revolution means change, but nothing has changed. When Cory Aquino recently died, I had goosebumps all over my body because the icon for change, the person who saved us from the wrath of Martial Law has passed away. My goosebumps continued as the TV show giving tribute to the late President kept showing the events of EDSA.

We hope, we re-live, we move on. Mabuhay Philippines!

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