Ang Pipit - Pilita Corrales

This is just a short song. This song is memorable for me because it reminded me of the first movie I have ever seen in the big screen. An actor named Rey PJ Abellana was one of the lead actor, God bless his soul. I also remember a child actor named Jaypee, I forgot his last name.

This was the theme song of that first movie I watched in cinema. I will never forget that song because for the first time, I saw what a movie theater looked like. I was around 6 or 7 years old then. Haha... vintage story huh?

Oh well, the moment I set foot on the cinema I saw the dark place. I got scared but it was nothing compared to what I saw next. It was the big screen itself. I stood in awe! I don't recall if I said it too loud but I can still remember I said "The TV is really big!" (My original words were "Nagdakkel jay TV" which was an Ilokano sentence, the only native dialect I knew back then, other than a little bit of Tagalog. At present, I now know how to speak Pangasinense and Bikolano, and I could grasp or understand some Bisaya and Kapampangan)...

That my friend, is the story of my first encounter with the "silver screen" almost 3 decades ago. Here goes the song and I tried to translate it.

May pumukol sa pipit sa sanga ng isang kahoy (Someone stoned a bird at the branch of a tree)
At nahagip ng bato ang pakpak ng munting ibon (And the stone hit the wings of the little bird)

Dahil sa sakit di na makaya pang lumipad (because of the pain, it wasn't able to fly)
At ang nangyari ay nahulog nguni't parang taong bumigkas (And what happened is it fell but like a person who uttered...)

Mamang kay lupit (You are so harsh)
Ang puso mo'y di na nahabag (You didn't have a heart)
Pag pumanaw ang buhay ko (If my life whould pass away)
May isang pipit na iiyak (There is a bird that will cry)

(Repeat(1), (2)
Repeat (3) twice

Ang Pipit - Asin

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