Laki Sa Layaw - Mike Hanopol

I call this a classic song because Mike Hanopol is practically one of the pillars of the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) upon which I anchored my mini-thesis back in college. I enrolled in a Communication subject which is a Filipino communication project. I remember my teacher there at UP baguio who handled this subject. She is difficult to miss because she is very sweet and someone who would always bring out the best in her students. She is Ms. Anguluan. This class with her is also memorable for me because I sat on the same classroom with the now famous TV Commercial Model/car racing champion Karen Navarette-Anton.

This was a subject that made me fall for my native language all the more. I was able to express my feelings more with the help and encouragement of my teacher. She'd always invite us to express our thoughts, our opinions and recitation time with her was without pressure. I really miss that.

This singer, is one of the reasons why OPM is very much alive today. The list of artist who contributed to the industry is long and I will just name some of them: Heber Bartolome, Pepe Smith, Nanette Inventor, APO Hiking Society, Leah Navarro (my mom would proudly say that she taught Leah in elementary), Florante, Freddie Aguilar (Famous for the song "Anak") and many more.

My translation of this classic song

May mga taong lumaki sa hirap (There are people who grew up with poverty)
Merong laki sa layaw, puro sarap (There are those born spoiled, a rich life)
Kung siya'y titigan mo, akala mo kung sino (If you look at him, he seemed famous/feeling king)
Hindi na bumababa sa kanyang trono (Who won't step down from throne)

Lahat ng gusto niya, ibinigay na sa kanya (Everything he wanted was granted)
Ngunit wala pa rin siyang kasiyahan (But he still doesn;t have happiness)
Hindi pa makuntento sa kanyang mga bisyo (Not yet contennted with vices)
Nilubog pa n'ya ang sarili sa putik (He immersed himself in mud)

Kilala sa bayan, asal ay gahaman (Known in town as having a greedy attitude)
Malakas sa inuman, istorbo sa daan (Street drunkard, poses disturbance)
Meron pa kayang pag-asang magbago (Is there hope for change)
Ang taong lumaki sa layaw? (To a person who was born spoiled)

Laki sa layaw, laki sa layaw*, jeproks**
Laki sa layaw, laki sa layaw, jeproks
Laki sa layaw, laki sa layaw, jeproks

Ad lib:
Sobra sa bigat, hindi na mabuhat (He is heavy, can't be lifted)
Sobra sa tamad, laging hubad (Over lazy, always naked/topless)
Hindi na n'ya mapigilan ang kanyang mga bisyo (He can no longer control his vices)
Kaya ang bagsak niya'y sa kalaboso. (So he ended in trouble)

Here are some unique words:
LAKI SA LAYAW - is like a person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The closeest translation I can think of is a spoiled child so I used the word "spoiled"

JEPROKS - A Filipino slang term for anyone hailing from the projects. Often stereotyped as the cooler, more laid back, and savagely street smart bunch. Almost parallel to being "hood" as Americans would say (BORROWED FROM:

HUBAD - literally means naked but I put the word "topless" because generally, the song speaks of a guy and a guy who is "hubad" is someone who is shirts-off, just the shirt.

Laki Sa Layaw - Mike Hanopol


the funkmeister said...

hey this is great, Mike Hanopol is such a great poet and composer. I know because I worked with him and I produced his comeback album "Buhay Amerika" also released as "Jeproks Kamusta Na". Please check out my page at

There are four songs to listen to, remastered from a tape copy of the album, sounds much better! I will be writing a longer article about Mike soon and posting the entire album to listen to, I think it's great and I'm very interested in Mike's poetry and his message so thanks so much for posting, and what a coincidence you posted just about the same time as my webpage.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for this page and the song translation.

I just wanted to say that "topless" is the right translation for "hubad" because it means naked from the waist up. "(Totally) Naked" is "hubo't hubad" because "hubo" means naked from the waist down.