Pag-aalaala - Church Song

This is our entrance song during Mass at the St. Therese Parish Church every Sunday at 5:15PM. This is such a lovely song and I want to share it with you. I hope you would appreciate it that I translated it in English, however imperfect I have translated it.

Bayan muling magtipon (Town/People, gather once again)
awitan ang Panginoon (Sing to the Lord)
sa piging sariwain (In the feast, let us recall)
pagliligtas N’ya sa atin (His acts of salvation for us)

Bayan ating alalahanin (Town/People, let us remember)
panahong tayo’y inalipin (The times we were enslaved)
nang Ngalan N’ya’y ating sambitin (So that his name is uttered)
paanong di tayo lingapin.(How we will not take care of us/guide us/attend to us)

Sa piging sariwain pagliligtas N’ya sa atin.

That was such a short song but it's importance lies in the notion that in meeting with God at the beginning of a mass celebration, it is always good to have a lively mood. Our choir mentor, Kuya Leo always reminds us to put on a happy face each time we begin singing for the Lord. It is the Lord whom we are serving anyway.

I have already told you about my faith and how I regained it. I always look back at what or who I was before I decided to join the church and do something extra like joining the choir, attending prayer meetings of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon and other outreach programs of the community or of the parish. I am happy with this!

Before we start singing, we want to project happiness and that is what I also want to achieve in the end - Happiness! One way of achieving it is through sharing music either posting a blog or singing it for the Lord.

That's my two cents.

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