Salamat Musika - Nanette Inventor

I can only say that this is the Filipino version of Abba's Thank you for the music. I have blogged about that song sometime ago.

I am proud of this song because it recognizes the benefits of music, without which, our world would be so quiet and would lack artistry in a sense, most especially for me... It would have been very difficult for me to find things to blog about.

What I remember about this song? My big brother and sister during their High School days. They were members of a choir that regularly sings at a local church. It was a service by the school to our parish. Their mentor was also a teacher at the school who became my brother's friend. His name is Darry. I see him a lot in school back then. He also paid us a visit in the house for a couple of instances.

He was the mentor who suggested that the School choir should have a mini-concert as a means of fund-raising. The school board agreed and the performance night came. My brother Bacon was part of the show, together with my sister. I watched their concert, as well as my parents. We gave support to my siblings and I enjoyed the show. It was the late 80s, I remember. I was still in my elementary years and I was introduced to a lot of songs, some of them I have blooged about here already.

I remember clearly that during the concert, this was their closing piece. It was all fun and hearing this song being sung, live! it was awesome! Of course, I got sad the concert has to end but it gave me a lesson I never forget that I learned: to give thanks to music, to recognize its meaning in our lives, in our world. This is what I am doing now. This is why I enjoy blogging. Salamat Musika!

Paano mo patatahimikin ang isang bunsong iyakin (How to hush/silence a crying baby)
Huhunihan ni inay ng la-la-rin la-rin (Mother will make a sound of la-la-rin la rin)
Paano mo patatahanin ang pagtatampo ni Neneng (How do you hush the tamtruns of Neneng)
Pasalamat ka't my awit na kakantahin (Be thankful there is a song to sing)

Sa mga indayog tayo'y napapasayaw (With the tunes we could dance)
At sa labis na galak ay napapasigaw, wow (And because of bliss, we could shout Whoa!)
Ang mga kirot sa puso ay lumilipad (The pains in our hearts would fly)
Ang mga mithi ay natutupad (our goals could be attained)

Salamat, salamat musika (Thank you, thank you music)
Lahat ng panahon, maaasahan ka (All the time, we can count on you)
Salamat, salamat musika (Thank you, thank you music)
Itong munting mundo ay napapasigla (This little world could rejoice)

Ang mga bituin sa langit at mga kathang isip (The stars in the sky and pigments of imagination)
Ay hindi sapat upang mabuhay ang daigdig (Are not enough to make the world alive)
Ang magagandang tanawin, mga tulang malalim (All the beautiful scenery, meaningful poems)
Kukulangin din upang tayo'y aaliwin (Are not enough to entertain us)

Aanhin ang kayamanang 'di madadala (What is the use of wealth that we can't bring)
Aanhin ang kagandahang pansamantala (What is the use of temporary beauty)
Ang katahimikan ba ay may magagawa (Can silence do anything)
Upang ihayag ang nadarama (napapasaya) (in expressing our feelings)

Salamat, salamat musika (Thank you, thank you music)
Lahat ng panahon, maaasahan ka (All the time we can count on you)
Salamat, salamat musika
Itong munting mundo ay napapasigla

Salamat, salamat musika
Lahat ng panahon, maaasahan ka
Salamat, salamat musika
Itong munting mundo ay napapasigla

Salamat, musika
Salamat, musika
(Salamat musika)
Salamat musika

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Actually you didn't tell any story about this song, like when was it released, which program was it performed in upon its release. Your recollection is just about your personal experience. The title is a little bit misleading. Maybe you could have introduced a background first of the song before getting in to your main story to add extra excitement. Nevertheless, nice experience and it's a wonderful song.

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