Magkabilaan - Joey Ayala

"One can only appreciate the light if one has an experience of darkness."

I majored in Philosophy and Political Science at the University of the Philippines in Baguio City. I was interested in Philosophy because according to my brother, it is a pre-requisite course before one could apply for priesthood. I chose Political Science as my other major because I want to know more about politics and in the end, how am I going to apply it to my life. Both these courses are related the Law, which I am studying right now. University of the Philippines or UP is the premier university in the country being a State University. It would always be a pride to be connected with UP. Baguio City on the other hand, is the "summer capital of the Philippines". It is a tourist spot as well as a "melting pot" of students since it is home to different universities equally recognized in the country.

I quoted the sentence above although I don't know who actually said it. I heard something like that before whence I am convinced that life has to be two-sided. There has to be war in order for us to appreciate peace. Some say it takes losing someone in order to appreciate them. In one of our Social Science class, our professor said, the value of criminals is for our police officers to have something to do - catch the criminals.

I agree. There will always be two sides. As this song says: chose your side now, don't wait for tomorrow...

I also remember a Karen Carpenter Song with such title.

For the meantime, here is the lyrics of the song for the day:
Magkabilaan (two-sided)
by Joey Ayala

Ang katotohanan ay may dalawang mukha (The truth has two faces)
Ang tama sa iyo ay mali sa tingin ng iba (What is right to you is wrong in another's view)
May puti may itim, liwanag at dilim (There is white, there is black, bright and dark)
May pumapaibabaw, at may sumasailalim (There those on top, those at the bottom)

ang tubig ay sa apoy, ang lupa ay sa langit (Water is for fire, the earth is for heaven)
ang araw ay sa gabi, ang lamig naman ay sa init (the sun is for night, the cold is for hot)
kapag nawala ang isa, ang isa'y di mababatid (if one is lost, you won't know the other one)
ang malakas at ang mahina'y magkapatid (the strong and the weak are siblings)

magkabilaan ang mundo (Two-sided world)
magkabilaan ang mundo
magkabilaan ang mundo

ang hirap ng marami ay sagana ng iilan (The hardships of many, the comfort of the few)
ang nagpapakain, walang laman ang tiyan (The one who feeds has empty stomach)
ang nagpapanday ng gusali at lansangan (Those who construct the buildings and roads)
maputik ang daan tungo sa dampang tahanan (Rough is their road towards their simple house)

may mga haring walang kapangyarihan (There are Kings wihtout power)
mayroon ding alipin na masmalaya pa sa karamihan (There are slaves who are more free than most people)
may mga sundalo na sarili ang kalaban (There are soldiers whos enemy is themselves)
at may pinapaslang na nabubuhay nang walang hanggan (and there are those murdered but lives eternally)

magkabilaan ang mundo
magkabilaan ang mundo
magkabilaan ang mundo

may kaliwa't may kanan sa ating lipunan (There is left and right in our society)
patuloy ang pagtutunggali, patuloy ang paglalaban (The struggle continues, the fight keeps going)
pumanig ka, pumanig ka. huwag nang ipagpaliban pa (take sides, take sides now)
ang di makapagpasiya ay maiipit sa gitna (Those who cannot decide are left in the middle)

bulok na ang haligi ng ating lipunan (The pillars of our society are already rotten)
matibay ang pananalig na ito'y palitan (There is a strong conviction to change it)
suriin mong mabuti ang iyong paninindigan (carefully chose your conviction/decision)
pagka’t magkabilaan ang mundo (Because our world is two-sided)

magkabilaan ang mundo
I translated Magkabilaan with "two-sided" because I am not sure if reversible or convertible is appropriate. I borrowed the term from the Song of Karen Carpenters.

magkabilaan - joey ayala

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