Harana - Eraserheads

I thought the title of this song is "Lumbay" (meaning, lonely). He was around 3 years old then and his papa would ask him to sing "lumbay" and that little boy instantly knew what to sing.

Yup! It was an Eraserheads song. My first born niece grew up with an Eheads song and this was the first one he learned. His dad plays guitar a lot and he probably have heard his dad sing this song a dozen times and so at a very tender age, he was able to learn a few lyrics of the song. Together, they sing it to his mom, as a serenade -to lighten things up.

This is a fast song. A song typically shared to someone who is indeed in trouble or feeling blue. It is a boy singing/serenading a loved one.

Wag nang malumbay (Don't be lonely)
Ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay (My love for you is true)
Sabihin man ng ‘yung nanay na (Your mother may tell you that)
Wala akong silbi sa buhay…tunay (I am worthless in life... true!)

Kung ako ang papipiliin (If I were to choose)
Ay nag amsterdam na ako (I would have been in Amsterdam)
Wag mo lang akong pipilitin (Don't just force me)
Na wag gumamit ng gaheto* (not to use a gadget*)

Buksan mo ang yong bintana (Open your window)
Dungawin ang humahanga (Look down to your admirer)
Bitbit ko ang gitara (I brought my guitar)
At handa ng mang-harana (Ready to serenade you)

Wag nang malumbay (Don't be lonely)
Ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay (My love for you is true)
Sabihin man nang yung kapit-bahay (Even if your neighbor would say)
Na di ako nag susuklay (that I don't comb my hair)
Oh..tunay (Oh True!)

Kung ako ang papipiliin (If I were to choose)
Ay nag congressman na ako (I would have been a Congressman)
Wag mo lang akong pipilitin na (Don't just force me to)
Isoli ang bayad nyo (Return your payments)

Tumutunog ang kampana (The bell is ringing)
Hali ka na sa dambana (Come to the altar)
Bitbit ko ang guitara (I brought my guitar with me)
At handa ng mang harana (Ready to serenade you)

*I cannot find the exact translation of the word gaheto so I just guessed it meant "gadget" since there is no direct translation of that word in Filipino language.


harharv__me said...

Thank you! This help me appreciate the song even more!

Anonymous said...

Good work. Anyway you're right. Gaheto = Gadget. I think that "gadget" used on the song is a musical add-ons for guitars. Effects pedal. :))

Anonymous said...

personally, i think the word "gaheto" may be a reference or wordplay or just plainly a direct reference to "marijuana"..i'm not sure though, i just came up with that because the song directly connects it to the country: amsterdam..i always thought that's what it meant and right now, i can't find a direct translation for the word in the internet, i could be wrong though :)

Anonymous said...

"gaheto" means gadget, but that comes second to the first part of the song, when Ely said "nag-Amsterdam na ako", which means they wanna be there to smoke weed (unlimited ^_^) and that's where the "gaheto" comes in, they use gadget to smoke weed.... i know that, i'm with them.... (smoke weed til you cough) then we're all "high like bumbay!" PEACE

Anonymous said...

gaheto means bong. which can be used to smoke marijuana or meth

Anonymous said...

No i dont think the gadget they're talking about is a musical add-ons. In amsterdam, mary jane is legal, and I think that gadget they're referring to is a bong. Gadget used for marijuana :)

Anonymous said...

Gaheto is condom :D thank me later AHaha