Hey Jay - Eraserheads

In 2009, I was able to post at least eight (8) Eraserheads songs here. Seven of them were translated in English, the other one was Poorman's Grave. This year, I will make it a point to feature one OPM artist or group per month. I will try to do it on a regular basis so that their songs will be translated as well. Let this be my simplest way of giving tribute to our artist. The best way to start this little contribution to the industry is to feature the band that was practically my life's theme. If movies have theme songs, this is my theme song simply because, of all the music and songs I grew up with, Eheads had been in my system: when I sleep, when I wake up, when I drive the car, while I am reading, etc. There is always Eraserheads in my head!

So much about me. This is the song about Hey Jay. I really don't know who is Jay in this song but all I can say each time I hear this song, it refers to a gay person. Part of the lyrics said "hey Jay, be happy and be gay" so I thought they refer to a person belonging to the 3rd sex. (Please pardon my wording. I know third sex is not an acceptable term, neither is it politically correct but that is largely known as a reference to Homosexuals. Oh my, homosexuals is not even a correct term because it connotes sickness, a psychological one.) All right, so I will just settle on the word gay, referring to both male and female gays. I hope that is fine with you my dear readers. I know there are still questions on the word gay (some would say this only refers to the male gays). Hah! I think I will not be able to go straight to my blog about this song because of those confusing terminologies. I guess, I'll just have to translate the song and try to see or analyze, in each phrase that I will translate, if indeed the song is referring to gay people. Try to ask yourself if indeed, the lyrics talk about the experiences of someone who is gay. If anyone of you might ask, or have asked what is the meaning behind the song Hey Jay by Eraserheads, this is what I have to offer:
Hey Jay by Eraserheads
Hey jay nabugbog ka na naman kahapon (Hey Jay, I heard you were into fight yesterday)
Hey jay ba’t kasi pumunta ka pa sa lugar na ‘yon? (Hey Jay, why did you have to go to that place?)
Alam mo namang galit sila sa tulad mo (You know that they hate people like you)
Alam mo namang di ka nila maiintindihan (You know that they do not understand you)

Hey just look to the left and just look to the right ()
Makikita mo naman na hindi pantay-pantay (You will see that it's not fair)
Now he-he-he-hey jay
Everything’s gonna be okay
Everything’s gonna be okay

Hey jay nagaway na naman kayo ng tatay mo (Hey Jay, you had a fight with your dad again)
Hey jay wala raw siyang anak na katulad mo (He said he does not have a child like your)
Alam niya namang wala kang kasalanan (He knows it is not your fault) Alam niya na ipinanganak ka ng ganyan (He knows you were born that way)

Jay you can get it all up Jay you can get it all down
Ipagdasal na lang natin na balang araw ay (Let's just pray that someday...)
He-he-he jay(2x)
He-he-he jay Everything’s gonna be okay
Everything must be okay

Bakit ba sila ganyan (Why are they like that)
Puno ng galit ang isipan (Their minds are filled with anger)
Ba’t ba tayo ganito (Why are we like this)
Walang galang sa kapwata-o ta-o ta-o (No respect with fellow/people) Hey jay sa’n ka na ngayon pupunta (Hey Jay, where are you going now?)
Hey jay kailangan ay magtiis ka (Hey Jay, You need to sacrifice/bear the burden/have patience)
Alam mo namang may iba ka pang magagawa (You know that there are other things you can do)
Alam mo namang ang mahalaga ay nabubuhay ka (You know that what's important is you're alive)
Jay what you are and wherever you go
Isip-isipin mo na lang na may nagmamahal sa ‘yo (Just always think that there's someone who loves you)
Now he-he-he-he jaybe happy and be gay
He-he-he-he jay
we still love you anyway
We still love you anyway(2x)
Sha nah nah nah nah(4x)

There is goes. What you think about my interpretation and translation? If you have some comments, please let me know.

Have a nice one!


Reymark Orbillo said...

Nice Great job God bless!

Al said...

I've been listening to this song for how many times... But I just known the meaning... Thanks my friend