Pacquiao vs Clottey

This is another interesting match to watch. For us Filipinos, it would be another opportunity to be one in the spirit of boxing through this big fight. I am not really a big boxing fan but I would be lying to you if I say I am not proud of Pacquiao. I once blogged about a Pacquiao song.

I remember the last fight he had with Cotto. Everyone in the house, including kids, were watching the fight. Modesty aside, I was in my room trying to get some sleep. Haha! So much for a a boxing fan! It just strikes me now because for sure, people in their houses will again be anticipating that fight and what's the best way of watching than receiving a live feed, in your tube, the moment it happens. Satellite direct TV is now very popular because we are now able to watch sports action in real-time wherever in the world that can pick up a signal. This is a Direct TV advantage. Imagine even watching the fight as if you were there at the ring side, almost an arms away from the fighters.

With these advance technologies in Sports brought to us by direct TV, and an added feature of watching it in HD, Filipinos all over the world, come March 13 will again be one in excitement. So dear readers, watch the Pacquiao - Clottey!

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