Nagmamahal ng Tunay - Piolo Pascual

I will be writing about Piolo Pascual. My closest friends wouldn't believe I will be blogging about Piolo Pascual. I don't subscribe to soap opera on TVs that's why. But don't get me wrong... I just seldom glue my eyes on TV sets, that's another reason why. But I like Piolo Pascual. Who wouldn't, by the way?

He is this local heartthrob and he is really good looking in person. Me and my friends were fortunate to have a glimpse of him within the grounds of ABS-CBN a few years ago. We were only having coffee then we saw them coming out of the giant TV network's studio gate. He is friendly too.

Anyway, my classmate, who is going to get married this year, was playing this music in her car. She said this is a Piolo Pascual song and although there was nothing really special about his voice, except that he could really sing and there's nothing bad I can say about it, the lyrics of the song struck me the most and this is the reason why I took the liberty of translating it the way I understood it so please bear with me. Here it goes:

Nagmamahal ng Tunay (Loving you truly)
Simula noong makasama ka (Since we were together/Since I had your company)
Nagbago na'ng lahat (Everything has changed)
Sa buhay kong kay gulo (In my life which is in chaos)
Itinama mong lahat (You corrected/straighten everything)
Mga mali sa buhay ko (The wrong things in my life)
Salamat at ika'y nakilala ko (Thanks that I have known you)

Pagkat kailangan ko (Because I need)
Ang 'sang katulad mo (Someone like you)
Na nagmamahal sa akin ng tunay (Who will truly love me)
Pintig ng puso ko (The beat of my heart)
Ay dahil lang sa 'yo (Is because of you)
Kung sa 'yo'y mawawalay (If I'll be taken away from you/If we will separate)
Kulang ang aking buhay (My life will be incomplete)

Nang inibig mo (When you loved me)
Nagbago ang aking mundo (My world changed)
'Yan ang hiwaga ng (That is the mystery)
Pagmamahal mong taglay (That your love brought to me)
Ang tangi kung dasal (My only prayer)
Pag-ibig ay magtatagal (Love will last)
Iingatan natin sa habang buhay (We will cherish/take care of it all our lives)


It is indeed a love song an as my classmate commented, "this is beautiful" so I couldn't help but agree. I was just thinking about the greatest love that this world has ever known... or maybe the greatest love that this world has ever taught me. The love of God to his people by sending His only son to redeem his people.

All I can think of was God and his love for his people. The story of his love life. I said to myself, this song depicts God-like kind of love and let me reiterate that a love which does not expect something in return is laudible. I have been longing to love like that but I guess I'm still mies away from that. Oooops, I am not trying to be God or at least to be a saint all right. I just thought I could do the same. The question of how and when can I do that remains a question up until now... you may have the answer, please share it with me.

"I can love you only up until there, but I will love you up to i-don't-know-when"

Say that again? Never mind, just go back to the song and read the lyrics. Enjoy!

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