Hindi Kita Malilimutan - Basil Valdez

Today marks the birth of our National Hero, Jose Rizal. Incidentally, this is also the birthday of my angel.

I remember playing this song a few years ago, from one of my CD collections. I used to play loud music in our house and while my angel Sophie was cleaning the house, she commented: "Why are you playing a music for the dead?" At the back of my head, I wondered why this song was associated with death. The answer is because this is seldom played during interment / burial.

I told her this is a religious music, in fact it was part of the CD Servant of All. I explained to her that it was biblical and although it is played a thousand times during burial here in the country, it is still undisputed that it is a song for God, a prayer for some, and still for others, it is a love song from God.

A couple of days before her birthday, a butterfly visited me. It was like she was making her presence felt to me. I often pray for her soul and that she'll be now happy with the company of our Maker.

And for you my dear Sophie, I miss you all the time and I love you! As this song says: "I will never (ever) forget you"

Hindi Kita Malilimutan (I cannot forget you)
Hindi kita pababayaan (I will not let you down)
Nakaukit magpakailanman (forever sculpetd)
Sa 'king palad ang 'yong pangalan (on my palms)
Malilimutan ba ng ina ang anak na galing sa kanya (Will a mother forget her child?)
Sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan (child from her womb)
Paano niyang matatalikdan (How could she neglect him?)
Ngunit kahit na malimutan ng ina ang anak niyang tangan (Though the mother may forget the child in her arms)

Hindi kita malilimutan (I won't forget you)
Kailanma'y di pababayaan (Never will I neglect you)
Hindi kita malilimutan (I won't forget you)
Kailanma'y di pababayaan (Never will I neglect you)

Hindi Kita Malilimutan - Basil Valdez


Mel said...

Ang awiting "Hindi Kita Malilimutan" ay hango sa Banal na Bibliya, mula sa Book of Isaiah 49:15-16:

15 Malilimutan ba ng babae ang kaniyang batang pasusuhin; na siya'y hindi mahahabag sa anak ng kaniyang bahay-bata? oo, ito'y makalilimot, nguni't hindi kita kalilimutan.
16 Narito aking inanyuan ka sa mga palad ng aking mga kamay; ang iyong mga kuta ay laging nangasa harap ko.

Anonymous said...

that is very beautiful. thank you for your story.

Anonymous said...

The song was actually popularized by Basil Valdez, but the brains behind the lyrics are Fr. Cholo Malilin,Mr. Pagsi, et al in Ateneo as inspired by the passage in Isaiah