At Seventeen - Janis Ian

This is a story why I am so engrossed about the number 17.

The aftermath of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption here in the Philippines that happened in 1991 led me to my story about this song. Let me first say I learned about this song and its lyrics, including the artist who sang it, from my sister.

It was June 17, 1991 when my father's cousin and his family left Pampanga and found their way into our house. They fled their place in Pampanga because of the eruption of the volacano and its threat to the health of his kids, who were my second cousins. I know it was June 17 because I came from school and attendance was checked with the date indicated on the attendance sheet. I arrived home and was surprised the house was "full-packed". There I got acquainted with my relatives, my cousins. That was the start of a long-lasting genuine friendship.

Three sisters, one brother. They were all so talented, very unique from each other, very playful, very loving, the bond was remarkable! It was Enne who actually "institutionalized" our anniversary -the anniversary of our first meeting. We named our company: JERS and CROM or JC for short. That was the nicest name for me: JC!

Well, theres is so much to talk about JC but this is all for now because today, I remember our anniversary and as I do so, the song I titled for this blog will always lead me back to the events of 1991.

I did not include the lyrics here because only the title of this song reminds me of my story stated above. Here is the music:

At Seventeen - Janis Ian

2 Responses
  1. ACRYLIQUE Says:

    at 17, my life's turning point. :)

    and i wont forget the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. the noon time darkness. rock showers and the Grey snow. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Well, it was June 17 2009, and there I was alone driving my car... no one had called to say "Happy Birthday" not even my mother... I felt so sad... but at the same time, I felt a strange and nice freedom sensation... "nobody cares -I said to myself- I can do anything I want". I went to HEB, bough a nice wine bottle, a small cake and a nice cheese pack to celebrate. The thing is that while I was driving home this song started to play in the radio... and for the fist time I understood the deep message it contains, it is simply beautiful!!!

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