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Today marks the first year of my iPod with me. I am a “date-keeper” for your information. I have mentioned to you about my dear friend Dane whom I truly call Mr. Boombastic that is why this entry is all about him.

We used to be “phone pals”, like your dear friend at the other end of the phone line. He is such a special friend because as matter of fact, he was my supervisor. But I didn’t feel that way while we are on the phone almost everyday of our professional life for two years or so.

As soon as my phone rings, more often than not, it is from him. And if he doesn’t call, it would be me. That was our situation before he went here to the Philippines. I was no longer with that same company when he came here all the way from Texas but I sure found a way to finally meet the face behind the voice who was practically my boss who became my friend, my Mr. Boombastic. Remember that Levi’s advertisement where this song was first played? That was how I always picture him so I called him that. He didn’t object so I am blogging about it right now. His voice also fits the adjective and finally meeting him proved I am right all along.

I can only say he is such a nice guy, a very dear friend, thoughtful supervisor and he made me feel better in any situation we may have had in our projects. As you see, I have nothing but positives about him. I am biased, you may say. Well, try to be his friend…

To you Mr. Boombastic, I terribly miss those days with you on the phone and when we strolled the mall looking for your laptop hard drive.

Mr. Boombastic - Shaggy

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  1. Hi! I really like the concept of your blog! I'm a big music lover myself and I can clearly flashback to a time in my life just by listening to one particular song from that era. Teehee. Ü

    Thanks for visiting my site, Tats! Hope to see you back at The Coffeehouse.

    Have a wonderful musical day!

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