Sabi Nila - Agaw Agimat

We celebrate Philippine Independence Day on the 12th of June. We remember Emilio Aguinaldo as he waved the Philippines flag which is a symbol of our freedom. That is why the month of June is also observed as the month of the Philippine flag.

I wonder how we are going to guage our freedom nowadays when statistics would show the growing number of our feloowmen living below poverty line. We are still tied to gargantuan foreign debts, children are malnourished, firshermen and farmers are among the poorest people in the country.

This is a song which one would confuse as a song of affection. As matter of fact, this is a song of love -love for the country. I did my best to translate this song so you would somehow grasp its message then listen to it through Imeem.

Sabihin man nilang ako ay bata pa (They may say I am still young)
'Di ko pa raw alam kung paanong umibig sa kanya (I still don't know how to love him/her)
Sa karanasan daw ako ay hilaw pa(I still don't have enough experiences)
"Mag-aral ka pa," iyan ang sabi nila(You study first, that's what they say)
Hoh hoh hoh

Maaring sa isang punto, sila ay tama (Maybe at one point, they are correct)
Maaring sa karanasan, ako ay hilaw pa nga(I may be lacking in experience)
Dahil 'di ko pa naranasan buhay ko'y itaya(Because I haven't tried to lay my life)
'Di ko pa naranasang sumagupa sa tingga(I haven't tried to face bullets)

Maaring kulang din ang aking pagkaunawa (Maybe I also lack in comprehension)
Sa mga suliranin ng ating bansa (About all the responsibilities in our country)
Maaring kulang din ang aking kaalaman (Maybe I also lack in knowledge)
Sa iba't ibang daing ng ating sambayanan (About the different sighs of this nation)

[Repeat CHORUS]

Ngunit dahil ba kulang pa'ng aking karanasan (But is it becuase of insufficient experience?)
At marami pa 'kong dapat pag-aralan (and I still have a lot to learn)
Ang pag-ibig ba nila'y 'di ko kayang pantayan (Can't I give love the way others do?)
Para sa 'kin ito'y isang maling kaisipan (For me this is a wrong notion)

Ang pag-ibig sa bayang kinagisnan (The love to our motherland)
Ay sa puso at hindi sa isip lang (is felt by the heart, not only in mind)
Ito'y nararamdaman at hindi napag-aaralan (This is felt and not learned)
Ito'y walang kinikilalang edad kailanman (It knows no age)

sabi nila - agaw - agimat

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