Dadalhin - Regine Velasquez

This is such a sad song which reminds me of all the broken hearted people. I remember a lot of them and that includes some of my closest friends and loved ones.

Whatever happens to the love that seemed so real at the beginning. It was so full of sweetness, commitment, affection and the happy-ever-afters. I know life is truly to make up then break up then make up again. There is always a cycle.

I have my own share of broken promises that's why in my previous post, I said I've had enough of making promises. Many times have we fell into that pit, that trap of hurting a loved one even over and over again. It's just sad but I am convinced it is really part of loving. They are partners in crime. As they say "Even a bed of roses has a thorn".

At present, I don't know how it feels to be in love because I am so overwhelmed with it. That is even an understatement. (wink!) Yeah, I am so full of love I'm almost drowing (haha!) because I am surrounded with people who loves me and stays with me no matter what or who I am. (naks!)

You know, despite the sade message of the song, I still love to sing it -tyring really hard to sing it the way Regine Velasquez does. Hahaha! Trying Really Hard!

Here goes the lyrics (Translations are purely mine. If you have suggestions on how or the best way to translate, interpret it, please let me know. TY!)

Ang pangarap ko’y nagmula sayo (My aspirations/dreams came from you)
Sayong ganda ang puso’y di makalimot (With your beauty, my heart cannot forget)
Tuwing kapiling ka, tanging nadarama (Whenever I'm with you, the only thing I feel)
Ang pagsilip ng bituin sa iyong mga mata (is the start shining through your eyes)
Ang saya nitong pag ibig (How happy is this love)
Sana ay di na mag-iiba (I hope it won't change)

Ang pangarap ko ang iyong binubuhay (You are giving life to my dreams)
Ngayong nagmamahal ka sa ‘kin ng tunay (Now that you're truly loving me)
At ang tinig mo’y parang musika (And you're voice is like music)
Nagpapaligaya sa munting nagwawala (It's giving me happiness)
Ang sarap nitong pag-ibig (How sweet this love is)
Lalo pa noong sinabi mong… (Especially when you told me...)

Dadalhin kita sa aking palasyo (I will bring you to my palace)
Dadalhin hanggang langit ay manibago (I will bring you to heaven)
Ang lahat ng ito’y pinangako mo (All of these you promised me)
Dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap ko (But only the air would bring me to my dreams)

Nang mawalay ka sa aking pagsinta (When we parted ways)
Bawat saglit gabing lamig ang himig ko (Every moment, I felt cold tones)
Hanap ang yakap mo, haplos ng ‘yong puso (longing for your hug, your touch to my heart)
Parang walang ligtas kundi ang lumuha (There was no escape but cry)
Ang hapdi din nitong pag-ibig (How painful is this feeling)
Umasa pa sa sinabi mong… (I stil hoped for your words that...)

[repeat chorus]

Umiiyak, umiiyak ang puso ko (crying, my heart is crying)
Ala-ala pa ang sinabi mo (Still remembering your words)
Noong nadarama pa ang pag-ibig mo… (When I still feel your love... )

[repeat chorus]

Ang lahat ng ito’y pinangako mo (All of these you promised me)
Dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap (But only the air would bring me to my dreams)

Daldahin - Regine Velasquez

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