I Honestly Love You - Olivia Newton-John

This is a song which reminds me of myself, because it was sung by a beautiful singer with eqaully beautiful name, Olivia Newton -John.

This is a great love song, perfect for lovers but this would rather remind me of my grandpa! He'll be celebrating his birthday soon, unfortunately he's no longer here with us. I always remember him associate me with this singer maybe because we are both beautiful or our voices sound alike (haha!) Actually, we share the same first names. All right, that's a trade secret okay?

I remember my grandpa ("lolo" is the tagalog word for grandpa) because he always asked me to pluck his thinly growing mustache, I don't even consider it a mustache but only a "weed" growing from his chin. (By the way both my maternal and paternal lolos were named Jose but this one is my maternal lolo.) He used to teach me how to use two coins (yes, coins! It would either be 2 pieces of a dime or quarter.) I learned it his way but it was more convenient for me when I use the twissor. It was an order from my lolo but it was more of my service for him and my way of showing him my affection. I truly love my lolo that's why when he left this world, I cried my heart out. There's another tagalog song that reminds me so much of him. I shall be blogging about it next time.

I miss my lolo! I just want to greet you Happy Birthday lolo, wherever you are!

I love you too!

Here is the lyrics of the song:

Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should
We both know I got somewhere else to go
But I got something to tell you that I never thought I would
But I believe you really ought to know...
I love you , I honestly love you

You don't have to answer, I see it in your eyes
Maybe it was better left unsaid
This is pure and simple and you must realize
That it's coming from my heart and not my head

I love you , I honestly love you
I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
I'm not trying to make you anything at all
But this feeling doesn't come along every day
And you shouldn't blow the chance
When you got the chance to say...

I love you, I honestly love you
If we both were born in another place and time
This moment might be ending in a kiss
But there you are with yours
And here I am with mine
So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this

I love you, I honestly love youI honestly love you

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