Maling Akala - Eraserheads

This is one song that greatly influenced my admiration to my best ever, favorite Eraserheads Band. They just had simple words but a person who is able to combine words and mix it with a wonderful tune possesses a good talent. You can quote me on that. They are like the re-cyclers. You know those "green movement" thing saying reduce, re-use, recycle where we make something out of garbage. For me, Eraserheads is like that. I am saying their song came from, not actually from garbage but from scratch, yet they manage to blend it with art.

It's one thing to have the drive to recycle, when it comes to environment, but it's another to recycle with an art in it. It is just so admirable for me. I love art too, like music is an art right? But the only art I can create is an abstract one, which only me who can appreciate and understand. Haha. I mean, what is the use of an art that cannot convey a message, even a tiny bit of message. So I let the talent die. Was it even a talent? LOL

"Maling akala" or I translated it as wrong presumption, is a common trait. I grew up with it and the saying "marami ang namamatay sa maling akala" is an aged by-word. It has become a by-word, common word, devoid of meaning but when the band sang it, it came back to life. Then again, the phrase "maling akala" just became a song because we have already learned. Somehow, people have learned that before judging a thing or giving reactions or before anything, we should first verify the accounts before we believe them. Most of the people I know, do. Some still lingers on "I thought he said this, but I was wrong" or something like that. That is a wrong presumption, and many die because of it.

Finally, long after Eraserheads, disbanded, a group called Brownman Revival made a hit when they produced their own version of this song. Definitely, it made my heart leap for a moment when I heard it on FM radio, and although I've realized and analyzed that it was not the original band that was singing, I still enjoyed it. Anything Eraserheads to my ear is bliss!

There you are. Please leave your comments.

Translation of the song
Maling Akala (wrong presumption)
by Eraserheads

May mga kumakalat na balita (There are new spreading)
Na ang misis ni kuwan ay madaling makakuha (That the wife of blank is easy-to-get)
Bago maniwala mag-isip-isip ka muna (Before we believe, you think first)
Marami ang namatay sa maling akala (Many die because of wrong presumptions)

'Di mo na kailangang mag-alinlangan (You don't need to hesitate)
Kung tama ang gagawin mo (If you will do the right thingg)
Basta't huwag kalimutang magdahan-dahan (Just don't forget to slow down)
Kung 'di sigurado sa kalalabasan (If you are uncertain of the result)
kalalabasan ng binabalak mo (The result of your plan)

Maliit na butas lumalaki, konting gusot dumarami (A small hole grows/becomes bigger, a little fold multiplies)
Hindi mo maibabaon sa limot at bahala (You cannot bury it in forgetfulness and come-what-may)
Kapag nabulag ka-hah-ng maling akala (If you are blinded by wrong or false presumption)

Nasa'n na ba ako? (Where I am?)
Kaninong kama 'to? (Whose bed is this?)
Ilang ulit na bang nagigising sa ibang kwarto? (Many times I woke up in another's room)
Naglalayas sa bahay akala madali ang buhay (I ran away from home, thinking life is easy)
Ngayon ay nagsisi dahil 'di nakapagtapos (Now, I am regretful because I didn't finish school)

May mga kumakalat na balita (There are new spreading)
Na ang kaligtasa'y madaling makuha (That salvation is easy to get)
Bago maniwala mag-isip-isip ka muna (Before we believe, you think first)
Marami ang namatay sa maling akala (Many die because of wrong presumptions)


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123Cyanide IZ AWESOME!!!!!!!! said...

great story my friend, its sad how the band ended but still, thier music is very special in my heart

123Cyanide IZ AWESOME!!!!!!!! said...

nice story, but still its sad how the band got separated, but in the end, eraserheads is very special in my heart always