Full of Blessings

Folks, I have been "off the hook" for quite some time already. I miss my virtual life, I miss my blogging spree and as much as I want to thank a lot of my blogging friends for making my blogging experience a lot of SUPER fun... I want to do it hereonce and for all (although a personal email is the norm, I am unable to do that as of the moment because of the lousy internet connection in the house. I am not even sure if I will be able to publish this.)

First, I would like to thank BURAOT for that wonderful job on entrecard dropping. The program was really helpful and I never thought I will be able to make 50 EC drops a day, with my way or time of using internet but because of the 300 drops program in the site, it was made possible. For the busy people out there, visit the site, you will definitely enjoy your stay at their site. You know what made me feel more special? It was the surprise to find my blogsite in one of the batches of that site. Prior to this entry, Buraot and I had an email correspondence and boy, it was a good feeling to be able to help someone and the emotion got higher when I finally saw my blogsite appeared on one of the top batches of the EC program in buraot's. To me, it was more than winning a contest!

Speaking of contest... I was off the net about 3 days ago and imagine my suprise when I came back online and find that my EC account shoot up to another 4000 ECs!!! I still haven't replied on the blog contest sponsors of her and history who transferred EC accounts to me but as I've told Gene, the owner of the contest site, I will retain the sponsor widgets on my site until the end of this month or maybe until the year end since I enjoy seeing their badges displayed on my site. They will remind me of how wonderful my blogging expereince have become.

For a newbie like me, this is really something. This is what I mean when I said "Full of Blessings". As soon as my internet connections gets back to normal, I shall personally thank those bloggers who made me feel very special. For now, there is nothing left to say but....

(Thank you)

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