BIG thanks to Contest Sponsors

First of all, let me inform the whole world that it was my first time ever to join a contest in the cyber world. Thanks to Her and History for that wonderful contest. It was an eye opener to me that there are other exciting ways of blogging, specially the contests. In real life, I can only name you at most three times I won in either contests or raffle draws. The first one, way back in my grade school days; second, when I one a coin bank from a government office and lastly, I won a blender. There you are... so pathetic I guess.

Now, I can blob to the whole world that I won in a contest. I did not have to win first prize, although it would have been better. Winning, earning EC points was too much for me to handle already. I may seem so exaggerated on this but it gives me a lot of bliss knowing that I WON!!! I actually WON in a contest and I am so excited about it. This is memorable to me that is why I am blogging about it. I also want to thank the following for promptly sending me my "earnings" at EC. My response to them is long overdue but here it is now. I want to thank you here BIGTIME!

Thanks to the following Contest Sponsors:

Love's Haven

The Fountain Of Happiness

Wonderful Things In Life

Blog Fusion

Home Buddies

Special thanks over and over again to:

Her and History

I hope you'd appreciate my simple token of appreciation. I featured the blogs above based on the Entrecard transactions, so pardon if I may have unintentionally omitted your respective sites, or specific sponsors as I am still honing my skills in getting around the blogging world. I still have t o learn a lot.

To Blog Fusion, I intended to include your badge here but I may have overlooked your badge when I visited your site.

To All, thanks again and happy blogging. You just made my blogging day!

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