Walang Nagbago - Eraserheads

Change is permanent. I am a true believer of that Philosophy. I thought it was Parmenides who said "One cannot cross the same river twice" but searching it up on the "wiki" I knew I was wrong. I always confuse these Philosophers but what only matters to me is their view on change, that particular statement.

We are growing everyday, either physically, intellectually, emotionally, economically, name it. That's what I have always believed in. However, I came into a realiation while I was listening to this song going to sleep one night. Everyone changes, as if nothing have really changed. We laugh, we cry, we crave for food and all. It happened all the time, it happened before and it is still happening until now so what changed? Nothing is new, really.

Since I am a self-professed Philosopher, I am skeptic about the song. However, I am an avid Eheads fan (according to my standards) so I am caught in between. LOL! I am always caught in between you know. This is for the reason that there will always be two sides. I am going out of topic here.

I am just trying to share with you my thoughts about this song. Well, things change. That is the only permanent thing I know. I have changed a lot, my friends changed, my family have changed. My hair is now turning from black to gray, call it sign of aging! I'd say, there is already a change going on in this entry the mere translation of this song to English.

Most of the stories told in this blog were about the past --mostly from my past. I long wanted to go back there but I know I couldn't, noone could. This is a testament that life changes, things change, environment change, most especially the climate! Oh and look... Christmas is almost here. We have now greatly recovered from the great flood we experienced and we're somehow hopeful of a merrier Christmas celebration in the house!

Alright, I can't go back to my past but at least, I could stay near it by blogging about things, people and my favorite songs. I hope you would appreciate my own translation of the song "Walang Nagbago by Eraserheads". Please check below.

LYRICS OF THE SONG WALANG NAGBAGO by Eraserheads with Translation
Nung ikaw ay bata pa (When you were still a kid)
Ang lahat ay masaya (Everything is happy)
Umiikot ang mundo at hindi humihinto (The world is turning, not stopping)
Ang lahat ng makita mo ay bago (All you see is new)

At ngayon may edad ka na (And now you're aged)
At lunod sa problema (And drowning with problems)
Nangangarap na ibalik ang kahapon (You dream of going back to yesterday)
Hindi malaman kung bakit (You don't know why)
Kailangang magbago ang lahat (Everything needs to change)
Magbago ang lahat sa buhay mo (Everything needs to change)

Umaaraw, umuulan (It shines, it rains)
Noon pa ma'y sadyang ganyan (It has been like that ever since)
At kung ngayon lahat ng panaginip mo'y biglang naglaho (And if now your dreams suddenly changed)
Pare-pareho lamang tayo, isipin mong walang nagbago (The same happens to everyone, just think nothing has changed)

Kung ano tayo noon ay ganon pa rin ngayon (What we were before is the same right now)
Umiikot ang mundo at hindi humihinto (The world is turning, not stopping)
Ngunit ang kalagayan mo ay hindi nagbabago (But your status does not change)
Hindi nagbabago, ohh..Hindi nagbabago... (It doesn't change... ohh... doesn't change)
Walang nagbago, Walang nagbago... (Nothing has changed, nothing has changed)


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