Aubrey - The Bread

I was in third year college when she first entered the University. She was from Bicol province and eased her way to blend in with people. She was a shy girl, and really quiet.

It was my first time to stay at the dorm, BREHA (UP Baguio Residence Hall), where most parents entrust their kids particularly the girls, during their first year. The dorm only accommodates around 60 female first year students and the remaining slots are alloted to higher years. She was lucky she got a slot. I am referring to my friend Aubrey.

When asked if she knows the song by David Gates or the Bread, she said it was her parents' favorite that she was named after it. It was very precise. The choice of the name was the result of her parents' fondness of the song - Aubrey.

I vividly recall my friend: short hair, short words, abrupt smile, deep thoughts. She was perhaps as deep as me, or maybe deeper. She was like a sister to me and in times of low tide, I ran to her... just for comfort, just for a hug. I wish I could do that again. I haven't seen her for a long time and I haven't really told her how much she meant to me - how special she was. For the brave and proud man she married, I have nothing but wishes of happiness for you and your family.

Maybe we could hang out sometime ;-) I miss you dear!

And Aubrey was her name... a not so very ordinary girl or name...

Aubrey - Bread

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