Tuldok - Asin

Another song translation for all of you. This is the 5th song from my favorite OPM band, the real, genuine, original OPM band I truly admire up until this day.

I was still a little kid when an uncle of mine introduced Asin songs. (Asin by the say means salt)

The story of the song is related to a blob, a dot, a period, just a peck of something, a nebula (remember the big bang theory.) In fact, the song mentioned about the sun, which is known as the center of the universe yet if we only take time to realize it, the sun, as big and as powerful as it is, is just a dot.

We, the human race, regardless of our economic, social or political status, have an equalizer and that, according to this song is our existence compared to a "dot"!

I have this co-worker who always brag about being a graduate of a private school well-known in our country.  Probably the oldest catholic school in this country.  I wonder why she has to do that not counting in mind that somebody else in the workplace came from the same university and probably finished a better course than hers.

I have a favorite phrase I picked up from my Philosophy teacher back in college: "All form, no substance!" Although I am not referring to her (my co-workers' treatment towards fellow workers who are undergraduate, not as rich as her or as beautiful as her or bright as her) but that is what I want to call her actuations and attitude.

Thanks for this song, I played while she is beside me... it's as if I had the time of my life right this moment. haha!

Below is my translation... Let me know if there may have been lapses.

(Period or dot or point)

Ang tuldok ay may salaysay at may kahulugan (A dot has importance and meaning)
Na dapat mapansin at maintindihan (Which should be noticed and understood)
Kahit sino ka man ay dapat malaman (Whoever you are you should know)
Na dito sa mundo ikaw ay tuldok lang (That in this world, you are only a dot)

Kahit na ang araw sa kalangitan (Even the sun in the heavens)
Siya ay tuldok lamang sa kalawakan (It is just a dot in the outer space)
Lahat ng bagay ay tuldok ang pinanggalingan (Everything originated from a dot)
At kung masdang mabuti, tuldok ang uuwian (And if you could realize, that's where we are heading)


Tingnan mong mabuti ang 'sang katauhan (Take a good look at humanity)
Maraming nag-aaway, tuldok lang ang dahilan (Many are fighting only because of a dot)
Sa aking nakita, ako'y natawa lang  (In what I've seen, I just laughed)
'Pagkat ang nangyayari'y malaking kahibangan (Coz what it happening is a big foolishness)

Kaya wala kang dapat na ipagmayabang (That's why you have no reason to boast)
Na ikaw ay mautak at maraming alam (That you are intelligent and all-knowing)
Dahil kung susuriin at ating iisipin (Coz if we are going to survey and think of it)
Katulad ng lahat, ikaw ay tuldok rin  (Like everyone else, you are just a dot)

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