Bayan Ko - Asin

This is another song that has a nationalistic theme. I didn't wonder when this song was chosen as one of the songs during the funeral mass for the late President Cory Aquino. Leah Salonga was the chocen singer for the piece and it was marvelous.

I guess this song goes without much words to describe it. I just know that when I hear songs of nationalistic theme, I get goosebumps and surely, tears would form at the corner of my eyes.

I will always claim that I love my country and I may not be able to tell you great contributions I might have for my country... in my heart I know that to love this country is the first step towards totally embracing my poverty-striken country, likewise the land of corrupt politicians and abusive business people.

Here is my translation:
Bayan Ko - My Country
Ang bayan kong Pilipinas (My country the Philippines)
Lupain ng ginto't bulaklak (Land of gold and flowers)
Pag-ibig ang sa kanyang palad (Love on its palms)
Nag-alay ng ganda't dilag. (Sacrificed beauty and virtue)
At sa kanyang yumi at ganda (And of her modesty and beauty)
Dayuhan ay nahalina (Foreigners were enticed)
Bayan ko, binihag ka (My country, you were conquered)
Nasadlak sa dusa. (Trapped/slumbered on hardships)

Ibon mang may layang lumipad (A bird has a freedom to fly)
Kulungin mo at umiiyak (Cage it and it is crying)
Bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag (Much more a country with such beauty)
Ang di magnasang makaalpas! (Who will not hope to get rid or overcome such situation)
Pilipinas kong minumutya (Philippines that I adore)
Pugad ng luha ko't dalita (Cradle/Nest of my tears and deeds)
Aking adhika, (My aspirations/goals)
Makita kang sakdal laya. (To see you to be truly free)

(You will also see an English translation from this site and note that there are differences in the translation but we both mean the same thing. Also, there is a brief history on this song so check out the link.)

Here is the song I got from Imeem as sung by Asin.

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