Alapaap - Eraseheads

Today marks the 26th anniversary of Anak-UP in UP Baguio. I will not be able to attend the gathering because of some immediate concerns and I still have to go to school in the evening.

I was driving a while ago and my niece played the CD of Eraserheads and I was reminded of this song. First of all, I was really impressed with the musical drama employed with the song. In the middle of my song translation below, you will notice the text in blue. In order for you to get what I mean, listen to the music (which I embedded from imeem) then follow the lyrics I cited. This is one of the reasons why I love this band -they never run out of surprises.... well, at least for me.

It was in the early 90s. We were having out Political Science class. This was the time after Cory Administration. It was a military man who succeeded her as the 12th President of the country, Pres. Fidel Ramos. We talked about politics, of course, and analyzed what was going on. For over a year, what our Congress has talked about thus far was about the Iodized salt and an Actor-turned Senator Tito Sotto criticized this song. I was just concentrated on the music so I said, "This person is giving more attention to music than to his job - to make laws."

What was really happening? Is this Senator was just riding on the popularity of the band? Was he not popular enough? Weren't there anything else more benficial to the country to talk about? Aggghhhh!!! Well, he defended himself by saying he will not allow such song to encourage the use of drugs.

But I said, there are two kinds of interpretation: the conotation and the denotation. There are two parts of the song: the lyrics and the music. And so I managed to brush away the attack that this Senator made on my favorite band. It was an expression for everyone's sake! Oh well, this is also my expression, my opinion. The song is still good and it will remain music to my ears because I really appreciate the music.

Alapaap (Clouds)

SLOW, singer was like only reciting a poem

May isang umaga na tayo'y magsasama (There is one morning that we'll be together)
Hayaa't halina sa alapaap (Leave it and let us go to the clouds)
o anong sarap (o how goodtasting/delicious)

DRUMMING Fast chaning the mood (This is what I enjoyed with the song, the drumming and then the fast pace of the song...)

Hanggang sa dulo ng mundo (Until the end of the earth)
Hanggang maubos ang ubo (Until I stop coughing)
Hanggang gumulong ang luha (Until the tears roll down)
Hanggang mahulog ang tala (Until the stars fall down)
Masdan mo ang aking mata (Observe/Notice my eyes)
Di mo ba nakikita (Don't you see)
Ako ngayo'y lumilipad at nasa langit na (I am now flying and in heaven)
Gusto mo ba'ng sumama? (Do you want to come?)
Hindi mo na kailangan ang magtago't mahiya (You don't need to hide and be shy)
Hindi mo na kailangan ang humanap ng iba (You don't need to find another)
Kalimutan na muna ang lahat ng problema (Just forget all your problems)
Huminga ka ng malalim at tayo'y lalarga na (Take a deep breath and we shall go)
Handa na ba'ng gumala? (Are you ready to stroll?)

Ang daming bawal sa mundo (There are a lot od "don'ts" in the world)
Sinasakal nila tayo (We are being strangled)
Buksan ang puso at isipan (Open your heart and mind)
Paliparin ang kamalayan (Free your awareness/mind)

Masdan mo ang aking mata (Obeserve my eyes)
Di mo ba nakikita (Don't you see?)
Ako ngayo'y lumilipad at nasa alapaap na (I am now flying and in the clouds)
Gusto mo ba'ng sumama? (Do you want to come?)

There goes my translation.

Alapaap - Eraserheads

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  1. Jessica Ball Says:

    Thank you for this translation! I'm American but listen to a lot of OPM and I really love it, but sometimes I get confused on lyrics of course. :D

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